Have you ever thought about planting a tropical fruit like pineapple in your home? It’s much simpler than you might think and therefore do not take time, but start planting pineapple.

To plant pineapple, you do not need any particular seed, you only need ordinary pineapple that you bought at the store.

All you need is:

1. One pineapple, of any size

2. Small bowl with water

3.Pot (you’d better have some bigger one)

4. Soil


1. When you take a pineapple, take note that it should be solid from all sides, because if your planting is successful, you need a perfectly healthy pineapple

2. Cut the upper part of the pineapple, leaving only the leaves (as shown in the picture) and leave it dry on a dry place (one 2-3 days)

3. Lower ticks, and others – leave it bigger

4. In the smaller pot you have prepared and in which you pour the water, put the pineapple, so that the leaves are not in the water, but only the lower part.

  1. Place the pot with a pineapple in a sunny place for two weeks, but change the water for every two to three days;6. After two weeks, the pineapple is ready for planting. Put it in a pot in which you have previously put enough soil;

    7. Pour the plant with water from the top, so that the soil is always moist and hold it near the window for at least 6 hours a day.

    8. At least one year, you can transplant pineapple into a larger pot or garden and give it “time”; Two more years to make the pineapple perfectly mature

    9. When you feel that the plant has a strong aroma of pineapple, you can freely remove it from the ground and eat it.

Source: https://www.zenskimagazin.rs/enterijer/basta/kako-da-lako-posadite-ananas