During the night sleep, the organism produces less urine that is more concentrated. So, for most people there is an uninterrupted night sleep of 6-8 hours, and they do not have to use a toilet. If it takes a person to wake up several times during the night, it’s a sign that she suffers from a night urination.

Natural healing

First of all, it is necessary to know that night urination is usually only a symptom of a completely different disorder in the body and that this disorder should be treated and maintained under control.

But if you suffer from symptoms of overactive bladder, there are a number of natural remedies that can help you. First of all, try to regulate fluid intake. If you smoke, stop. Eliminate coffee, tea, and other drinks with caffeine.

Foods such as chocolate, spicy food, alcohol and carbonated drinks tend to irritate the urinary bladder. If you have a problem with overweight, it is advisable to comply with the basic rules of healthy eating, since obese people experience pressure on the bladder which causes night urination. Constipation also exerts pressure on the bladder, so take care of this problem, first of all by increasing the fiber intake. It is also believed that excessively active bladder is often associated with intolerance to wheat gluten and dairy products.

  • Pumpkin seeds are an excellent natural remedy for improving bladder and prostate health. Magnesium is particularly effective in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and is thought to control the smooth muscle contraction.
  • Hamamelis (Witch-hazel) is a natural remedy for night urination. More precisely, bamboo bark is used for the treatment of night urination.
  • Nuts and dry grapes also help with night urination, and it is desirable to consume them before going to bed.
  • Apple’s vinegar helps to balance the pH of the organism and reduces the acidity that can contribute to the problem of night urination. Also, apple vinegar performs detoxification of the organism and treats the constipation. Mix two teaspoons of raw apple vinegar in a glass of water. It is preferable to add a little honey. Drink this drink with every meal.
  • If urinary tract infections are the cause of night urination, here you have at your disposal a wide range of natural remedies. Cranberry juice, bearberry tea, parsley tea, Field horsetail’s tea and dandelion’s tea, ginger’s tea, etc.

Children’s Nocturia

Night urination in children usually occurs when a child completes the fourth year of life. Statistics show that this disorder affects on average about 10-15% of children. The inability to control the process of urinating in children during the night is spontaneous, without having any physical problem with regard to the organs of the urinary tract, unless the bladder is still underdeveloped.

However, night urination in children mainly in the background has some form of psychological problem: anxiety, uneasiness, fear, rebellion and the like. This disorder can occur when a child is going through certain changes in his life, which he does not like or is not ready to accept. Therefore, in the treatment of night urination in children, apart from parents, often involved also a psychologist, who can do much to help.


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