This simple exercise will show you whether you have heart problems and how much you are actually healthy.
According to the latest research, there is a very simple way how you can know what your heart condition is and how healthy it is. Namely, medical experts came up with the idea of that with the help of exercise, find out what your state of health.

Studies conducted by researchers at the University of North Texas and Japan include 526 participants aged 20 to 83 years. The participants were first tested for body flexibility, while blood pressure, arteries and cardiac activity were measured

With final results, researchers found the link between elasticity of the body and artery, especially for participants over 40 years of age. Those who did not manage to touched their toes with their hands actually had rigid blood vessels, suggesting an aggravated heart condition and the risk of heart disease.

The article published in “Heart and Blood Physiology” explains how you can easily test your heart’s condition by touching your toe. The method is very simple. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched to the forehead and your toes up.

Push your hands and touch your toes with your hands. If your body is flexible enough to touch your fingers without bending the knee, this indicates that your heart is very healthy and also flexible.

According to research by Japanese doctor Jamamoto, “if you can catch your toes while sitting right, your heart is still in good condition. But if you cannot, you might go to the cardiologist”

Rigidity in the back and muscles is related to the rigidity of the heart vessels because they have the same composition of collagen. However, doctors say that rigid muscles are not always a sign of heart disease.

Why does arterial flexibility have to do with the flexibility of the body as we grow older? Researchers speculate that stretching causes a chain reaction, which slows down or completely prevents muscle rigidity.

Muscles are flexible from collagen and elastin and when stimulated by stretching, the arteries can remain flexible and reduce the risk of heart attack. The question arises: does stretching during yoga neutralize stiffness of the arteries? Researchers believe this is true.

“The results show the possibility that the flexibility of the arteries can be improved by stretching exercises. We believe stretching, yoga and pilates should be adopted as the recommendations of regular doctors because it has great cardiovascular benefits,” says Dr. Jamamoto