The position in which you sleep can be one of the causes of pain in the abdomen, neck and back. Most people do not know to what extent different sleeping positions affect their health. If you already have certain health problems, you must choose the right position, and if you do not have them, sleeping in a good position will help you to avoid them in the future. See how eight different positions for sleep affect the health status of your body.

  1. On the back, with the arms down
    This is one of the best positions for a healthy spine. This is also a good position if you suffer from pain in the neck. However, this position has its drawbacks. According to the study, people who sleep on their back snore more than people who sleep in other positions. Sleeping on the back can lead to sleep apnea, and respiratory arrest.
  2. On your back, with raised arms
    This position is known as the “starfish” position and is good for the back. It also helps with neck pain, and prevents wrinkles. However, like the above position, it leads to snoring, and due to pressure on the nerves in the shoulders due to the raised arms, it often causes pain in this area.
  3. The fetus position
    The position of the fetus is one of the worst positions for sleeping because it leads to various problems with the neck and spine. Many people like to sleep in this bent position because it is comfortable, however, too convoluted situation not only leads to pain in the neck, but also prevents deep breathing. Sleeping in this position is not good for pregnant women.
  4. Free fall
    Sleeping in this position not only improves the functioning of the digestive system, it also reduces the problem of snoring. However, due to the bent head on one side or the other, this position can lead to pain in the neck, and it also increases the possibility of creating wrinkles on the face.
  5. On one side, hands are out
    This position is good for people who have a problem with snoring. However, due to pressure on the nerves, blood flow is limited, which can cause neck and shoulder pain.
  6. On the side, arms along the body
    This position is good for people who suffer from pain in the neck or spine. It is also good for treating problems such as sleep apnea. However, like all other positions, it has its own flaws. Sleeping in this position can lead to the formation of wrinkles and relaxation of the breasts.
  7. On the right side
    The side you sleep has an impact on your health. Sleeping on the right side can lead to heart problems, while sleeping on the left side, straining internal organs such as the stomach, lungs and liver.
  8. With a pillow
    Pillow as a support, has a great impact on pain reduction. If you sleep on your back, put it under your spine, and if you sleep on your stomach, put it under your hips.