Turmeric – one of the healthiest plants in the world. Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it ideal for cleansing and wound treatment. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice in the fight against joint pain and arthritis. According to experts, turmeric may in the future find a place in over 600 preventive procedures and owns 175 established physiological-positive effect. It has been discovered that it can relieve pain and may replace pharmaceutical pain medicines such as ibuprofen.

Turmeric can be easily grown at home. It is grown from rhizome (root outlet). It does not produce seeds so you need to buy one root of turmeric. Growing turmeric is easy and fun, and will have your own turmeric. Turmeric grows almost anywhere and survive and a lot of water and a lot of drought.

To grow your turmeric, follow these simple steps:
– Cut the larger rice in less that have 2-3 buds.
– Fill the pots with a nutrient organic soil that needs to be slightly moist. The ideal Ph. is between 4.5 and 7.5.
– Place them on a 5 cm length with buds facing up.
– Pour the bowl.
And that would be it.

Turmeric likes water and water it every 2 days, taking care that the soil is moist but not too much.
It takes between 6 and 10 months for the root to mature. When the time comes, simply remove the entire plant from the ground. Cut the desired amount of root and return it to the ground.
The best part of growing turmeric is yet to come, when taking rhizomes. Usually you can take rhizomes 8-10 months after planting. When the lower leaves become yellowish and the stem begins to dry, then turmeric is mature enough to dig out rhizomes. Also, you can carefully scrape the soil from the side and take a bit of rhizomes instead of pulling out the whole plant. You can keep the roots in a refrigerator or a cold, dark room for up to 6 months. After cleaning and drying, wrap the rhizome in aluminum foil and apply them next spring.
Turmeric is a perennial plant that starts to grow with the arrival of spring, as well as its root.

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