One of the most difficult decisions for people who are overweight is deciding when to start a diet. ” From tomorrow I start the diet ” or “I turn a new page of my life for a weekend,” are the sentences that we have told at least once, but what scientists say – when is it best to start a diet?

After the birthday

Studies show that people are ready to commit to their given goals after certain dates that are marked, including holidays and birthdays. If you are thinking about a diet, then the day after your birthday it’s the ideal time to start it. Over time, you will learn how to avoid repeating the mistakes and so it will be easier to reconcile your behavior with your “new self.”


Every Monday is ideal for a new start. People see this day as a “restart button” and have motivation that will encourage them to achieve the goals they have at the beginning of the week. In addition, after the weekend after you have certainly been honored with sweet and caloric mousses, we are sure that you are ready to accept lighter foods.

After a major change in life

Let’s say you moved into a new house or another city because of work. The new routine and the new way of life is the perfect time to start some new habits. You can start with small steps toward your big goal that you have drawn. For example, start the day with a healthy breakfast or reduce the amount of sugar you usually put into the coffee.


New Year

The problem with the new year is that we give a lot of goals that we can hardly achieve. That’s why we should not mix the diet with the other almost impossible goals. If that did not work before, why would a New Year’s decision be different? If you want to set an order after the arrows of the clock will sound midnight, plan slowly. Take only one decision, for example, a decision that you will no longer eat in front of the TV or eat sweets every day. After you make that decision, add your diet to your list.

When you have a big project or a deadline at the workplace

When at a certain time in your life you will “clog” various responsibilities such as childbirth, taking responsibility for a particular family member or so, when you just have really strenuous days and weeks at work, then definitely not a time for a diet. Stressful circumstances are the worst times when you can test your endurance, perseverance, and limitation. For starters, you can adopt a few healthy habits that will help you with your goal to lose weight.


There is a weekend coming, and on the schedule you have parties that will serve pizza, ice cream and other foods that are rich in calories. It’s hard to resist such temptations. But maybe it’s not that bad thing if you are already on a diet, and you have parties that you cannot avoid such foods. Treat yourself at the weekend and then during the week again be on a diet. The most important thing is to be persistent and the result will not be missing out.


The weekend is a bad time to start a diet, because you simply have too much free time. You do not have a “thick” schedule, so it will be more difficult for you to stick to the healthy habits that you have been training during the week. For example, you may not have oat flakes, but you will choose coffee and some dessert. Instead of cooking at home, you are likely to go out and eat some fast food.

After the annual leave

For many people, this is a time when they relax and eat freely. But if you plan to be on a diet right after your vacation, that’s not exactly the best idea. You may think that when you return home from your vacation you will be more rigorous towards yourself, and now you can eat a little more, and that may put you in a worse place from the beginning. Do not plan so much in advance, because you will overestimate and eat more, and the pounds you accumulate may not be as easy to leave as you thought.