Neck skin care is not less important than the care of the face, and the whole body. All women know that the neck is getting old as the ages go by. And can we do something to prevent it?

First of all, a simple rule should be remembered: all nourishing and toning masks applied on the face must be applied to the neck as well.


There is an excellent natural means by which the skin on the neck can be felt, the skin “skin” will be removed and it will make the skin more elastic, simply, the juniper of the neck.


It is a mask peeling, which works once a week.

Mask for smoothing the skin of the neck.

To prepare the mask it will be necessary:

– 1 cup of powdered turmeric powder

– Three teaspoons of sugar

– 2-3 drops of essential oil of lavender

– 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or coconut oil)

– Vanilla powder – a little bit



Sweep all the ingredients. You can make a mask without the use of sugar, it all depends on the condition of the skin of the neck. For skin with dark stains, sugar is desirable.

Apply a mixture to the skin. Leave it to work for twenty minutes, then rinse with circular massaging movements.

Apply kefir (or yogurt) to clean skin. This procedure is desirable: skin under the influence of turmeric can be colored. Kefir will bleach and further hydrate. You can hold it for a few minutes, and also rinse with the massaging movements, or wipe it with a paper napkin.


Try it, you will love it!