There are three types of men who have not had sex for months, perhaps for years. The first two is easy to spot on based on mimics, gestures and body language, unlike the third. Men of this type are the biggest mystery because he hides that he did not have a relationship with a woman for years.

  1. The relaxed guy

I am so relaxed and I’m wearing pimples as medals. This guy is a classic. They are easy to see. They gather in groups, and are able to watch women for hours without any intention of coming to them.

In most cases they are men with a low level of self-esteem, and they have lost their confidence even in the first grade of high school when a girl rejected them in public.

Somehow the trauma from the early age they managed to suppress it so they can be found in public places (cubes and cafes) with a beer bottle in their hands hitting on women from the path to the podium or to the toilet.

  1. Acting as a playboy

This type is more dangerous. He’s representing himself as a dude, a playboy but he hasn’t touch a woman for a long time or maybe even never. These are men who deny the truth and are inclined to self-deception. They represent themselves as great seducers, unbelieving lovers, who have success in women and outside the municipality they live in. In fact, their love endeavors do not have witnesses.
Usually, telling stories that he had  the best foreigners girls in the June holidays in Zakynthos, that he has insatiable sexual appetite … In the public creates the appearance of calm and cool characters that has it all under control.

Convinced that the wardrobe is very important detail of every serious a lover, spend many hours on the net looking for winning the looks that will bring them the favor of women. They are always abstained, intensified, repentant. Cramp is what accompanies them all their life. Usually the first love experience is after the 20th, and with the ladies whose love is paid.

  1. He has a girlfriend, but she flees from him after a day

They are enigma, crosswords, sudoku and eighths in one. Thanks to the good story and the attitude of the cool person, they manage to get a woman from time to time. And not because they are irresistible, but because some women are desperate due to the fact that there is a big deficit of good guys on the market. And instead of using that advantage of the new era, they mess it all. Already after the first kiss he jumps on unfortunate woman. After such an experience, 99.9 percent of the women escapes in the belief that men are bad. Not without reason. However, as the generalization was always a shortcut to prejudice, the ladies changed their minds after a few months.
In a man’s society, this guy boasts his Don Juan’s endeavors. He’s a great theoretician but is weaker with practice. He has no female friends.