Candida can be determined by laboratory analysis. However, many of us hate to analyze something that does not yet make a problem for us. A few even avoid going to the doctor and when the problem arises. Here’s a very simple test that can show us whether we have a reason for concern.

The Candida test can be done every morning with the help of ordinary water in the glass and the result is visible in 15 minutes.


How to do the candida test alone?

– Before going to bed, pour clean, regular water in the glass.

– – In the morning, puke in the glass as a first thing after waking up (without some length of gathering), spit out at a time.

– Leave the watch carefully for 15 minutes.

– After 15 minutes, the results of the test can be seen.

– Lift the time to the height of the eye and turn it towards the window so that the fluid is as transparent as possible.

– If the slaughtering has melted with water, that is, if its structure is very similar to clean water, so that the water below it is still clean – you have no reason to worry.

– But if the water beneath it is tangled, or the veins formed downward from the lungs, or the lung completely sank to the bottom of the case (which can be seen in the picture), there is a great chance that the level of candida in the organism is increased.


If your test looks like a candida test shown in the picture, it would be desirable to consult a doctor or at least through healthy nutrition and natural solutions you try to reduce the level of candida in your body. An Italian oncologist has been persistently claiming cancer for years. We do not want to exaggerate anyone with this information, but the fact that excessive reproduction of this fungus will certainly not bring any benefits to your body. The most harmful fungal infections can be, as we have already said, persistent and boring with unpleasant symptoms, so it is best to keep these organisms under control. One way is to use an anti-candida child.