Medicinal Leeches used for medical purposes, rejuvenating the organism from toxic substances. This old method of treatment is called Hirudo therapy and used in ancient Egypt. About the healing powers of leeches wrote Galen and Hippocrates a well-known and that they used the Russian Empress beauty. It is important to say that leech is recognized in Russia by the Ministry of Health and registered in the Register of Medicinal Products of the Russian Federation.


So far, about 400 types of leech are known, but only medical leech is used as a treatment. Although many abhor the thought of them, these creatures crawling on the body and sucking blood, it is a fact that the leeches though ideal therapist for blood circulation, so it is usually used for the treatment of diseases such as thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, Heart infarction, muscle aches and muscle injuries. Then they help establish blood flow after the insertion bypass, it is useful in the treatment of sterility, attenuation of cellulite and wrinkles.


The bite of the leeches does not hurt anything more than biting the mosquito because after biting it into the body, an analgesic that relieves the pain of pain can be avoided. One leech can consume 5 to 15 ml of blood during one feed. For the treatment of leeches, therapists usually use up to 10 leeches, which means that about 150 ml of blood can be lost during the treatment. However, an advantage of treatment with leeches is not only reflected in the amount of blood that is removed from the body but in the fact that they are inserted into the blood anticoagulant and the thus diluted blood, as well as substances that have the effect of the local anesthetic. Numerous tests confirmed that the medical leech bite in your body inject a large number of biologically active substances such as Alpha Chymotrypsin, Hirudin, Subtilisin, Hirudo medicinalis and Hirudo therapy (treatment with leeches) acts as an analgesic, anticoagulant, immunostimulant, dissolves grease, prevents development Bacteria …


Treatment with leeches can yield positive results in male and female infertility, rejuvenates and it is no secret that Hollywood stars use to achieve beauty.


At the end, there is still only say that once used leeches after treatment destroys hundreds ensures that leeches therapy has no side effects and can be implemented in parallel with other methods of treatment, only it is not recommended for people suffering from hemophilia and other blood disorders.