The scraped fresh vegetables and sweet compotes of fresh fruit, stored in this way, are very tasty and the shelf life is long, which is important for us all – there are no chemical preservatives.

We can’t say exactly how long it can be sustained, but we did a little experiment and left one jar of sour cucumbers and one jar of compote for two years to stand. And after two years of standing in a dark and cool place, cucumbers and sour cherries were as freshly stored, tasty, without any truncheons of bud, nor any smell and taste on the broken.

This way you can save almost all fresh vegetables and fruits – from mushrooms, turnips, peppers, cauliflower, beans, beets.  … to a compote of cherry, cherries, currants, grapes, but we do not recommend strawberries.

Measures are on classical coffee cups (1 cup – 50 ml) and coffee spoons (1 cup spoon – from 4-5 grams).

You will need:

Glass jars of equal size, with lids (I use jars of 1 kg, and for pepperoni, mushrooms and green olives, they are less spicy than 250-500 g)

Ingredients for vegetable pickling:
5 kg of fresh vegetables (peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, hot peppers, mushrooms, olives, mixed salad – carrots, red and green long peppers …)
1 small cup of cups of diluted alcohol vinegar (9%)
1 teaspoon of salt spoon
1 teaspoon of sugar
Cold water (from a faucet)
A few peppers
For each sheaf per 1 bay leaf

Fruit Compote Ingredients:
5 kg of fresh fruit (cherries, cherries, ogres, black and red currants, apricots, solid grains of green and black grapes, fresh blueberries …)
1 teaspoon of sugar
vanilla sugar
Cold water (with a faucet)


Vegetables: In each jar, slice of the vegetables, if it is large cut into rolls or cubes, if you want a mixture, add a variety of vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers) to a large grater or grind them on a meat machine on a large grill. In each jar pour over vegetables, pour 1 cup of coffee 9% of alcoholic vinegar, salt spoon and spoon of sugar. Put in each jar one bay leaf and 2-3 pepper beans. Pour cold water (from the bowl) to the top of each spout, so that the liquid covers the contents in the jar. Close the jars with a metal hood, twist them into newspaper papers and sort them in a pot. Pour the water in the pot, to the jar. Place the pot with the jars on the ring and heat it to the boiling point. When water boil in the pot, lower the temperature and leave for another 10 minutes. After 10 min. turn off the ring and when the water stops boiling leave the pot to stand for another 1-2 min. On a hot ring.
Remove the pots carefully from the pot (this should be done with a thick fat glue, be careful not to turn it off) turn the bowls with the lid down and hack them up (meaning they stand on the lid) to match a larger plastic court (for that purpose I use a plastic bath tub to bathe a baby) and tear them into the jacket or some old jacket or blanket. So tucked jars leave all day and overnight to cool completely, in its own steam. In this way preserves will be fully preserved and hermetically protected, without the need for any preservatives.

Fruit Compotes:

Fresh and firm fruit berries should be densely packed into the jars, if the fruit is to big, cut it into large cubes, for example, apricot and plum needs to be cut on half. In the jar, you can also cut and mixed chopped fruits, to taste. Give the imagination at will, which combination of fruits you want. In each jar over fruits pour the spoon crystal sugar and a little vanilla sugar. Leave the fruit in the jar to stand for 10 minutes, then pour it with cold water to the top. Jars twist in newsprint, align them in a pot and cook. The further procedure is exactly the same as with vegetables.