News of the great eruptions on the Sun over the past week has been worrying many, as in the news you could read that it would be some consequences for the planet and for human health.


According to the experts, the phenomenon of magnetic storm – strong, sudden changes in the Earth’s magnetic field – are associated with the powerful explosions on the sun. Magnetic storms occur when, due to explosions in the Sun, a large amount of charged particles is released into the cosmos. These particles are ejected in the form of jets and are called the Solar Wind. From the impact of this radiation, Earth is protected by its magnetic field, however, a certain amount of radiation is coming to earth and affects both human health and telecommunications, satellite and navigation systems.

Magnetic storms have an effect on the nervous system and slow down conditional reflexes, so the number of traffic accidents increases. Many people feel heaviness in the legs, speeding up their pulse, poor eyesight … Scientists have discovered that there are people who feel the arrival of magnetic barrel a few days earlier while in other ailments occur a day or two after storms.

In the coming days there will be powerful magnetic solar storms that in some people can cause accelerated work of the heart, irritability and difficulties in dealing with work and domestic obligations.
At the time of the magnetic storm comes to the worsening health of the patients suffering from cardiovascular disease to the emergence of stress and a number of other health problems.

Even an absolutely healthy man in the period of magnetic storms feels a certain weakness, warn Russian experts.
In healthy people, this causes irritability, headache, heartbeat, difficulty handling, and most sleep problems.

In such weather conditions, even 10% increases the number of heart attack and stroke after a sharp increase in blood pressure.

During magnetic storms, people becomes impulsive, irritable, and most of all, have a troubled sleep.