A beverage of beetroot, carrots, lemons and apples eliminates bad cells in the body and slows down their growth. It should be consumed for three months, and health is being improved immediately.

For the first time this drink began to be used within traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of lung cancer and various other diseases.
It is necessary to mention Rudolf Breuss, an alternative doctor from Austria, who devoted his entire life to finding the best natural remedy against cancer. He came to the conclusion that malignant tumor cells can only survive with the help of solid food.
He has created a 42-day therapy during which a patient can only consume teas and special juice from veggies, which the main ingredient it was beetroot.
With the help of this method he cured over 45,000 people from cancer and other incurable diseases. This drink returns lost hope to people suffering from cancer.
It is not only proven to be applicable in the treatment of lung cancer, but it also prevents the development of almost all kinds of malignant tumor cells.
The beetroot contains an amino acid betaine, which has anticancer properties.
The beetroot is a traditional cure for leukemia.

To prepare this juice you’ll need: half a large or one smaller beetle, two carrots and one lemon and one apple.

Preparation of the juice: Cut into slices of beetroot, carrot, lemon and apple. With the help of a juicer, squeeze the juice from the beet. Leave an hour in a glass cup in the fridge. After that, add the squeezed juice of carrots, lemon and apple. Consume 30-40 minutes before breakfast.

Important: Do not mix all the components at once. First, beetroot juice is prepared, which must rest for some time in the refrigerator in an open glass bowl. In this way, some harmful substances of the beet are eliminated, which can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness. When these substances react with oxygen – they lose their properties and do not cause side effects.

This amazing beverage is very effective in the following diseases:
– Preventive development of cancer cells.
– Prevention of liver, kidney, pancreas and cervical hemorrhage.
– Reinforces the immune system, eliminates toxins, improves bowel function.
– Eliminates bad breath from the mouth.
– Reduces menstrual pains.
– Increases blood erythrocyte levels and reduces cholesterol levels.
– Lowering the pressure and normalizing the state of the blood vessels.
– It is useful in hypothermia – thyroid disease, caused by the lack of iodine in the body.
– Improves tension and rejuvenates, the skin becomes healthy and radiant.
– It is very effective for the loss of excess pounds.

Contraindications may be urolithiasis, diabetes, gastrointestinal tract disorders and diarrhea, and therefore it would be advisable before start drinking this juice to consult a physician.

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