Mugwort is a large branched plant, silver leaf, with a characteristic odor and unpleasant bitter taste.

The legend says that the goddess Artemis gave mugwort to women to facilitate the birth, and thus obtained the Latin name – Artemisia absinthium.

Its use is recorded from the time of the Romans and is often mentioned in the Bible. Plant purposes are exceptionally for healing if administered in the correct proportions, while in larger doses, the mugwort has an inactive effect. A glorious hallucinogenic beverage Absinthe did not by chance get this name, but because it is its main ingredient in the mugwort, which gives it these properties.

Today, such a real version of Absinthe is banned in many countries due to a detrimental injurious effect. However, in smaller doses, the mugwort is harmless and is known as the strongest natural remedy ever known, and is especially effective in parasites and digestive disorders.

Parasite killer

According to Dr. Huldie Clark, the author of many books and inventor of zapper and antiparasitic program, parasites are among the main causes of many diseases.

Mugwort is one of the few plants that have a strong antiparasitic effect.

This plant contains strangers and isotones, which kill not only adult parasites but also their eggs.

Among the ingredients of mugwort is santonin, also known as a medicine for diseases caused by parasites.

Sesquiterpene lactone is present, which weakens parasite membranes and easily kills them.

The best remedy for digestion

Mugwort is one of the most effective and fastest-acting medicines for all types of disorders with digestion.

Its big bitterness to absinthian acts on digestion and circulation.

You’ve probably heard that taking a bitter meal before meals improve digestion.

A bitter taste in the mouth stimulates the formation of bile and the work of the intestinal glands and in such a way allows better digestion.

In addition to digestion, it is also used to high temperatures and malaria, whereby the better known and more toxic than quinine. Systematically cures both obesity and diabetes.

It also has an extremely tonic effect and removes body weakness.

When consumed in small amounts, it stimulates the kidneys and helps with renal failure, inflammatory irritation, kidney, and bladder inflammation.

Women are recommended to use this plant for stimulation and regulation of menstruation.

In a study in Yale, patients with Crohn’s disease, ten weeks were given therapy with stomach instead of steroids.

It was noted that many of these steroids were no longer needed and that their quality of life improved, and that was one of the things that modern medicines did not provide them.

Healing effect of mugwort:

  • It is forcing and destroying parasites
  • Prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms
  • It relieves cramps
  • Removes gases and chronic constipation
  • Improves digestion and appetite
  • Helps to create a lump
  • Improves the work of the liver and gallbladder
  • Treat poisoning
  • Stimulates the menstrual cycle
  • Suppresses high temperature
  • It enhances, restores and recovers the body
  • Accelerates the work of the body
  • It helps to lose weight
  • It makes it easier to give birth

Use of mugwort

Read the mugwort between July and August before blooming. Use the root and the sheet. Use it fresh or dried in the shade.

Of a mugwort, you can prepare powder, wine, brandy, tincture, and extract.

Take it at strictly prescribed doses. Since it is extremely bitter, you can mix it with honey or juice or drink it in a capsule.

A mugwort’s tea

Sprinkle a spoonful of mugwort with a hot water pan and leave some straw rested for 15 minutes. Then put it down.

Mugwort powder 90 capsules

One of the most effective and fastest medicines for all types of disorders with digestion and bile. Order it today.

Drink up to three cups a day for a maximum of one week.

Healing wine/beer of a mugwort

Leave half a handful of mugwort to cool off in a liter of white wine or beer for two weeks, then rub it.

Take one small cup for three to four consecutive days in order to stimulate the appetite, as a digestive or supernatant.

Wraps of mugwort

Soak the cloth into mugwort and place it in a painful place. Coatings are used in open wounds or tissue bumps.

Help with influenza

Two times a day, you should eat a gram of powdered mugwort with a teaspoon of honey.

Mugwort as a natural Insecticide

Mugwort is a plant that everyone should have planted in the garden because it protects the fruits of various pests.

Dip 300 g of fresh leaves and flowers of mugwort or 30 g of dry mugwort against loose ears, rust, mites, caterpillars and ants in 10 liters of water (preferably rainwater).

Leave the mugwort to boil in water for two to three days, after which the liquid is ready for spraying.

It’s important to know

It is forbidden to use mugwort during pregnancy, lactation, and bleeding in the stomach or internal organs.