Herpes on the lips is a very unpleasant occurrence. In addition, the bite of the itching and long lasting can also be an aesthetic problem.

Although pharmacies we can buy many creams that help to cure herpes after their use on the lips remains white marks, like small scars. Herpes is a result of infection with the Herpes implex virus and is transmitted to kisses, hugs, and the use of common cutlery. Once infected, this virus is constantly present in the body, hidden in the nerves near the mouth and nose, and on the surface comes out after our immunity falls.

We offer you several suggestions on how to get herpes out in a completely natural way, after which you will not have scars on your lips.

  • Make a thick mixture of three large grains of garlic, finely crafted and 100 g of honey. Use this mixture to infect the infected parts.
  • You can save herpes if you lubricate it with a periprostatic hydrogen or pumpkin oil that you can buy in all healthy food stores.
  • Another natural remedy for herpes is buckwheat flour. Simply, sprinkle a spoon of flour with two cups of boiling water, sprinkle a little bit and get the resulting mixture over the painful parts.
  • Mix a spoon of salt and a spoon of baking soda with a little water to get a thick mixture that you will lubricate several times during the day.
  • As natural herpes herbal remedies, you will also find aloe vera, mint and propolis

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