This drink is not ordinary at all, because it can save lives, and this is proven in a number of studies, although pharmaceutical companies hide it from the public.

No wonder, the drink is very healing and cheap.
In fact, it’s about baking soda, whose effect is proven to be better than chemotherapy, and if you add a little lemon, you get a carcinogenic killer.

It’s so simple that many do not believe it is possible. For the lemon, its anticancer properties are proven, because it disables the nutrition of tumors. ”
This was long ago discovered by Otto Heinrich Warburg, who received a Nobel Prize for cancer research. He proved that at the site where the tumors develop, there is insufficient oxygen supply, that is, lacking oxygen in the body, and that sodium bicarbonate can bring oxygen to every place in the body.
So once a month is enough, if you are healthy, taking drink mixed with baking soda and lemon to preserve health and other benefits for the body.

What if you already have a disease?

If you already have a disease, this drink should be consumed every day before eating.
Do not forget that during treatment you should avoid red meat and dairy products because they cancel the effect of the drug.
Also, you need to know that when you mix the soda and lemon juice, there is a fierce reaction, that is, it comes to foaming, so it is desirable to prepare the drink in high browning glass cup..
You can add some water, but you need to mix well and drink the drink when the reaction is over.