Lemon is a wonderful evergreen plant. It is very decorative with flowers of a strong and truly gorgeous fragrance. Powerful growth can reach 3-6 meters in height and is not difficult to maintain. It has oval to slightly elongated leaves, sometimes slightly jagged.

Lemon is a plant that can be grown from the seeds in a very simple way, so it does not require any special knowledge and skills, especially when the plant is a little strengthened after a few months, and ready to be transplanted into a larger container. Certainly, it is possible to buy an adult plant, which will make it easier for many to grow, but we challenge you to embark on this beautiful adventure of growing your lemon from the seeds so that you can follow the entire life cycle of germination, growth, fetal birth, Until the end of this cycle, which you will be a witness filled with all necessary care and care. From the moment you spring to the end of your life, every plant you pay attention will be your true friend.

First, buy an eco-lemon, then washed it, and if the stems look healthy and snappy, then they can certainly grow and make lemons from them.

After you washed out the seeds leave them in the water for one to two days to soak. After that put them in the ground and wait. The soil should be regularly watered so it will be moist enough to soften the hard shell of the lemon grain. You do not have to lose patience, sometimes the lemon needs a lot of time to curse.

One day, you should have noticed that the soil is a bit uneven and moved away from the soil’s scrub and to see its first cursed lemon. It should have tiny leaflets that shone and attempted to rectify under the burden of the soil. Soon after the first lemon, another one will start to grow.

Leave them to make the plants strong enough for transplantation and when their root is developed enough, plant each one into smaller plastic containers with a sufficiently large holes to drain water. It is important that the lemons are kept in such containers as they are plants that grow sometimes in very dry areas and are not used to being constantly submerged by their roots.

When their root began to go through the drainage holes, reseat them so that the soil is left to dry completely. Once dry, the lemon is needed as soon as possible to pour. Lemon likes water but does not like a constantly moist soil. If the soil dries quickly, water your lemon more freely.

The lemon, of course, likes a lot of sunshine and it should be held in a sunny place in the house, best on the window, so that the plant would be exposed to the sun’s moist air whole day. You will quickly learn to understand your lemon because it gives you very clear signals through its leaves. If you do not water it in time, the leaves will gather and look “sad” the same thing could happen if you put a young plant on too much sun. It’s always good to wait for the plant to grow a little bit. Perhaps the first year of its life should not be put on a very strong sunlight, and then gradually you can get used to exposure to the sun. Also, lemon in a pot, during the summer months, bring it out and place it on a polished and sheltered place, so as not to be exposed to direct sun rays and winds.

In brief hints for growing your lemons from seeds:

–   Buy eco-lemon in any store and extract the seeds from it
–   Rinse the seeds and put them in a glass of water for one to two days
– The pelts should then be placed in a land that needs to be regularly watered
– Wait
–  When sprouts leave the plant sufficiently strengthened and developed roots
– Place in a separate container and keep it in a bright place
Watch and admire your new friend 🙂

Lemon is really a plant with which you will not have too many problems. Will grow consistently and you will easily understand its needs. When the lemons begin to blossom, you will enjoy in their wonderful scent. This is certainly not an adventure that will last for several days, so I recommend a lot of patience.

Source: http://organskocarstvo.blogspot.mk/2015/12/kako-uzgojiti-limun-iz-sjemena.html