Anxiety is an unreasonable and unreasonable feeling of fear or anxiety. Sometimes the feeling of fear can overtake the panic attack, accompanied by an unpleasant breathing, an accelerated heartbeat, sweating, hot flashes or colds …

Anxiety disorders are more common in women, but they do not circumvent the rest of the population. The occurrence of anxiety or panic attacks can often not be predicted or controlled by common sense, but a person can still know that its fears are related to certain situations (driving by car, elevator …), to persons (doctor, professor …) and the like .

The development of anxiety is activated under complex circumstances, including strong emotional stress, constant tension or anxieties over a long period of time, biochemical imbalance in the body – especially hormonal disorder, negative environment …

Women are more often victims of fears, because of higher and severe hormonal oscillations, and should first of all check the state of the hormones. Then, the imbalance of amino acids and fatty acids can cause unfounded fears and panic attacks – once anxiety.

Anxiety can be treated naturally by using herbal remedies, yoga, meditation, and even one, to do a so-called psycho-trick.


Treatment of anxiety with herbal remedies

Plants against fears Lemon balm – Tea from this plant diminishes many psychological disorders, among which is an anxiety. It also works as an antidepressant if it is used regularly over a longer period of time. Of course, as with most cases with a stronger effect, after 2-3 months, it is necessary to take a break for at least 2 weeks.


Valerian – Valerian plant is very useful in fighting fears, in addition to easing the nervous system, relaxes the muscles that are often in the throat of anxiety. It is still a better combination of valerian and hops because it affects the regulation of mood.


Perforate St John’s-wort – This is a popular natural remedy for a depression, but one should not ignore the fact that this plant relieves the anxiety of feeling and stabilizes sudden changes in mood. In addition to tea, can also be used with its oil. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, which usually ranges from 20-30 drops / 2-3 times a day, before a meal.


Chamomile – To treat anxiety in children, the most charming tea is chamomile. It removes tension, gives relaxation, diminishes the feeling of anxiety and fear, ensures a better sleep, and at the same time it falls in mild and harmless cords.


Treatment of anxiety with yoga

Yoga against fears is a great solution for the treatment of anxiety. This method regulates many of the key processes in the body, such as the burning of the glands, the blood, the heart. Yoga positively affects both spiritual stability and relaxation of muscles, which, together, is very important for life without fear and certainly diminishes the possibility of anxiety.

Through yoga, self-confidence grows among others. As a person is safer in herself, this is less prone to fears without a justified basis. Yoga deepens the natural ability of rational thinking, with the feeling of peace within and in harmony with the environment.


Treating anxiety with a psycho-trick

If it can not be otherwise, fears can sometimes be trickling out – a Russian psychologist claims.

Human psyche is not always able to rationally and objectively observe the world around and within itself. Sometimes a small trigger is enough to turn it away from the right thoughts or just a small impulse to direct it. This trick is especially effective in psychologically ill people, who themselves unconsciously violate mental balance.


How to beat fears with a psycho-trick?

At the moment when fear is caught, the panic attack, and even many other negative thoughts, which you really do not even know where they come from – grasp them bravely with them and put the following three questions clearly in your mind:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want from me?
  3. Who sent you?


If you were serious enough and armed with a strong desire to win the fear, these issues should immediately disappear from your mind.

In the same way, you can successfully fight against various unpleasant thoughts and emotions.