Healthy nutrition is very important, if we want to stay healthy or cure a disease, healthy eating is crucial. In addition, we need to regulate the weight. Primarily, we do it for health, and of course we will look even more beautiful.

Nobody tells you to starve, that’s not good. You need to keep it healthy. Eject harmful foods and be physically active. This diet plan will be good for you to cleanse your body from toxins and lose weight. Of course, this is the plan for three days, but you need to eat similarly and the other days.

Day 1

Breakfast: One boiled egg and oat flakes

Snacks: For snacks eat some nuts or an apple or orange (always practice the one piece of fruit)

Lunch: Cooked chicken and salad

Dinner: Cooked vegetables

Day 2

Breakfast: Same as the first day, snacks also

Lunch: Spinach

Dinner: Cooked cabbage

Day 3

Breakfast and snacks are the same again

Lunch: Little cooked rice and chicken (if you have diabetes you must not eat rice) and salad

Dinner: Cooked vegetables

Tips: If you fry meat and the like, use coconut oil because it is very healthy and not caloric. Lower the intake of bread and try to eat integral bread.

Drink lemonade and other natural juices (raspberry, orange), of course, no sugar. It will cleanse your body, help you lose weight, and also kill cancer cells. Also, drink green tea (1-2 times a day).