Traditional Chinese medicine says it is very important to soak almonds into the water overnight, then eat them in the morning, and here and why!

Almonds are among the best nuts fruit, crunchy and tasty, but also full of essential nutrients.
They contain proteins and fibers with nine essential ingredients such as vitamin E and calcium.

Almonds have enzyme inhibitor (molecule that binds to the enzyme and reduce its activity) that are “deactivated” when the almonds are immersed in water.

Soaked almonds are easier to digest and contain much more nutrients, and only a few almonds are enough for maximum effect. You can eat them in the morning, for a good start of the day.
Vitamin E works preventively for possible stretching of the muscles and inflammation after and before training. A few almonds a day will be quite enough to notice the results of hard training as soon as possible and painlessly.

Tanine that is in the skin of almonds prevents your body from absorbing all the good ingredients that have this fruit-bearing fruit. So, before consuming them, immerse them in the water overnight and bitter skin will be removed and the acid from your stomach will be able to deal with all the nutritional ingredients now offered by almond.

In almonds there are many B complex vitamins, especially niacin, as well as numerous minerals, among which are calcium, which is the richest among almond nuts. Its nutrients, especially proteins, are ideally complementary to those from cereals and legumes.


Of sweet almonds are used fruit (shell and seeds), leaves and bark. Leaves and shells stimulate liver function and cure cough, and the bark also serves as an agent against intestinal parasites, elevated body temperature, and also promotes urinary excretion.

These are the benefits of consuming almonds soak in water every morning:

Energy Boost

Consuming a handful of almonds daily will give your body energy and the copper, manganese and riboflavin will improve the metabolic rate.

Regulated blood pressure

Potassium effectively regulates blood pressure, and nuts are also low in sodium which helps in the regulation of fluctuating blood pressure.

Better heart health

Soaked almonds are high in potassium, monounsaturated fat, and proteins which are beneficial for heart health. Plus, soaked almonds soothe the inflammation that damages the arteries, the vitamin E lowers the risk of developing heart disease and magnesium prevents sudden heart attacks.

Regulated cholesterol

Vitamin E and calcium controls cholesterol levels.

Stronger bones

Almonds are rich in compounds that strengthen the bones and teeth and help you to prevent osteoporosis.

Healthy brain

Almonds are very rich in nutrients that improve the brain function. For instance, riboflavin and L-carnitine improve the brain activity in neural pathways and lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer prevention

Almonds prevent toxic buildups and help the way of food through the colon, which in turn prevents colon cancer.