We worry about whether our buttocks are firm enough and well formed, but rarely who thinks of the shape of our butt is a health concern. The scientists say that it has a lot to do with our health and add that it is much better to have an extra fat in that part of your body than, say, around the waist.

Ladies with a bigger butts need less to worry because fat deposits are farther away from the heart and liver and this reduces the risk of infarction and diabetes. Doctors believe that hormones that control and distribute body fat in women redirect more to the butt in order to protect the heart.

Also, women with larger butts are less likely to have chronic illnesses, have lower cholesterol and are more intelligent, according to Oxford University research.
Scientists believe that it is better for fatty deposits to accumulate as far away from the breasts and abdomen, because in this way fat is far from the arteries, liver, and heart. Therefore, fat accumulation on the buttocks reduces the risk of heart disease and other problems such as diabetes.
Also, women with larger butts rarely have chronic illnesses, have lower cholesterol, and are more intelligent, researchers from Oxford and one hospital in the UK have shown.
So check out what kind of your butt is and what it reveals about you.


Buttocks which is the same size from the waist to the hips, looks like a square. Or, as it is otherwise called, “muscular buttocks”. It is characterized by approximately the similar dimensions of the width of the hips and buttocks. It is very difficult to rearrange this butt and it is necessary to do special and rather aggressive exercises and squats to change it. These people are usually very healthy, but in some cases may have a little fat on the hips.

Fats are evenly distributed here and in the lower and the upper part of the butt. That’s why it looks attractive and good in every type of clothing.


It is also the most desirable for its attractive form. With it, the fat is well distributed, but with age, fat deposits are moved to other parts of the body, especially around the waist, which is not very good for health.

Reverse triangle (inverted)

Women with low estrogen levels are most common, so this form is characteristic for ladies after menopause. The estrogen level then drastically decreases, causing the fat to move to other parts of the body, especially the waist.

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