Any kidney disease, and therefore the appearance of kidney stone, is not a harmless disease, but therefore requires careful treatment.

It is important to know that ejecting a stone larger than the pepper grain should not be carried out on its own because it can stumble in the urinary channels and cause very serious complications.

Therefore, all types of treatments, which are found on this side, refer to a kidney stone not greater than the pepper grain and sand that precede the formation of stone.

So to remove sand and stone in the kidney it is good to apply a bath of Field horsetail (plant), in the following way:

soak 100 grams of field horsetail (dried) in 1 liter of cold water and let it stand all night.

The next day warm it up, process and add it into the bathtub.

Then sit in the bathtub for about 20 minutes, while the water needs to reach something above the kidneys and not over the heart.

After leaving the bathtub, you do not have to wipe it out, just wrap it in the sandbox and get drunk in the bed for the next hour.

During this treatment, it is necessary to drink a warm tea from this plant and keep the urine as long as possible, in order to release the stone under pressure.


A mixture of lemon and olive oil stimulates the decomposition of stones both in the tube and in the kidneys.

People with kidney stones should not miss the watermelon season. Lubricants are very efficiently rinsed by the kidneys and thus prevent the formation of stones. They will especially benefit those who have kidney sand.

The general is known, when it comes to taking care of the kidneys, it is necessary to drink as many fluids as possible. This rule also applies to the kidney stone problem. In doing so, it should be noted that water does not have a high content of minerals (magnesium, calcium …), which due to the depletion of the kidneys can lead to the formation of stones. For now, doctors in all kidney problems prefer to use so called “Prolom” water.


A tea for natural removing kidney stone

  • 25 grams of root of celery, parsley, lovage plant and a liquorice.
  • soak the plant mixture in a liter of water. Cover it and let it stand overnight.
  • Only boil in the morning (let them stay for 2-3 minutes).

When it is completely cooled, it is normal to process and drink during the day instead of water. As you probably know, it’s always better to drink unsweetened tea or with very little honey and not sugar. You can drink three days and pause one day and so on.


Note: When it comes to the treatment of kidney (whether or not natural methods are applied), it is necessary to regularly control the urine.


Tea for breaking the kidney stones

  • Natural stone treatment in the kidney is also beneficial from wild pear and sage.
  • Sprinkle with 3 l of puddles of water in 4 tablespoons of wild parsley and squid (in total 8 tusks of tea meal).

Note: When it cools drink it during the day without the addition of other drinks or sweeteners for a week. During this time, the urine may look dark and penetrating.


So, this tea works on breaking the stone in the kidney, not the ejection of the entire stone.