Through urinating body gets rid of toxins and excess fluid, and urine color can reveal a lot about your health. Apart from the color of urine, it is important to pay attention to how often you urinate during the day.

How many times you urinate daily depends on how much fluid you enter in the body. But still there is an optimal number and all that exceeds can be a sign of a health problem.

“Some women pee every hour and think it is normal. But going to the toilet, however, should not be so often. It is best to pee 6 to 7 times a day. It is the optimal number if you drank two liters of water. As for going to the toilet at night, one-night urination is normal, “explain the specialists of Urology.

As for women who pee every one hour, usually are two possibilities.

“If there are no symptoms typical of inflammation of the bladder such as the pang and pain when urinating, the other most common cause of frequent urination is when a woman has a bladder that is overly active. This means that the bladder is filled with little urine, and the person feels the sudden need to urinate. Excessively active bladder usually is treated with tablets “reveal specialists.

In contrast, some people having too rare urge to urinate. This means that the person does not enter enough fluids, i.e. that it is dehydrated.

Pay attention to this important number for your health if you notice any irregularities, take the necessary measures to save the welfare of the body.