If grilling fish, vegetables or meat for dinner, there’s a chance you’re going to wrap them with foil. What we do not know is the fact that pieces of foil can end and your meal.

Aluminum is not only in foils but also in the pans and pots for cooking. But while cooking in such containers may not be dangerous, covering food with aluminum foil it can be, especially when it comes to high temperature and very spicy, acidic foods.

The human body can effectively deal with small amounts of metal, but the problem is that most will enter a much bigger input for placing the food in aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil in the household has been used for a long time. No wonder because it is very useful for different purposes.

It is often used to cover already prepared foods or to cover food when roasting. But doctors recently announced a research that shows that if you use aluminum foil when preparing food, you can dangerously disrupt your health.

The American school in Sharjah has announced that one piece of meat that is prepared in the foil contains up to 400 milligrams of metal, while the World Health Organization states that only 40 milligrams per day are allowed. They also reported that the use of aluminum foil in food preparation is associated with osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. In addition to problems with the bones and the brain itself, the use of aluminum foil damages the lungs, warn the scientists.

Researchers Dr. Fathia Mohammed and Dr. Essam Zubaidy have prepared various types of meat with different ingredients. The study has shown that food cooked in acidic, liquid solutions such as lemon juice or tomato sauce absorbs the most metals from aluminum foil, and with additional spices, it is still increasing. Food that is prepared in alcohol or is just potato does not absorb so much. The human body can efficiently cope with small amounts of metal, but the problem is that most will bring a much greater input to food in the aluminum foil.

Scientists still find that too much exposure to aluminum can harm human health, for example, larger amounts of this chemical element were found in older Alzheimer patients and concluded that this is a modern disease that has evolved due to lifestyle and environmental changes due to industry growth. These conditions may include high aluminum concentrations in everyday life.

Experts believe that it is best to pay attention to the amount of aluminum in the kitchen before preparing the food.

Pans and other kitchen utensils often oxidize and allow aluminum to penetrate the food that is being prepared for it, but it can easily be avoided – when you buy a new cooking or roasting pot, boil in the water several times until the base becomes matte. They may look more beautiful, but the mat base is much better for your health. Since the ordinary foil does not have a protective layer that would prevent the release of aluminum, experts believe that migration of aluminum into the food that is being prepared means that you will exceed the permitted daily intake of the organism. Try to replace the foil with baking paper or wrap the food residues in the plastic foil.

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