Blood pressure is the force that blood flows applied to the walls of blood vessels. Although low blood pressure (hypotension) is not as harmful to health.

Compared with high blood pressure (hypertension), hypotension expresses through a variety of unpleasant symptoms. People suffering from a low blood pressure usually complain of severe awakening, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. They are often not in a mood and have poor concentration and memory.

All this causes an insufficient amount of blood in the blood vessels and therefore in vital organs. In cases with markedly reduced blood pressure over a long period of time can lead to permanent damage to some vital organs (heart, kidneys) and much more serious health problem. Therefore, you need to beat the low pressure.

If you’re wondering why there are no effective drugs for the treatment of low pressure in the market, here is the logical answer. Low pressure has a tendency to later in life develop into hypertension (high blood pressure), and therefore people avoid aggressive therapy.


In many cases, by using simple and readily available natural drugs, low pressure can be kept under control and with as few symptoms, and even entirely regulated.


Here are some natural remedies:

– Rosemary: In our traditional medicine tea of rosemary is probably the best known natural remedy for raising low blood pressure.

– Beetroot: One glass of fresh juice of beets per day, a week can significantly reduce the symptoms of low pressure.

– Hawthorn: very useful plant for the regulation of blood pressure (both hypotension and hypertension).

– Ginseng: Also a positive effect in the case of disturbed blood pressure.

– Coffee raises blood pressure during the day. Feel free to drink a cup of this popular drink, if you do not mind the caffeine.

– Water: The fight against hypotension is very important to drink lots of water so you will increase the amount of blood in the blood vessels.

– Salt: Eat something salty foods because they bind water in the body.

– Vitamin C, B group vitamins, and proteins: a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of low blood pressure.

* * *

Note: Low blood pressure can be present without exhibiting any symptoms, and in this case does not need any treatment, because such a phenomenon is not a health hazard.