The color of your favorite clothing starts to fade after a while in the washing machine. However, with the help of a kitchen spice, the color can remain the same as the first day when you bought the clothes.

You are probably spending too much money on detergents which are promising color protection. Did it cross your mind that maybe those detergents could replace a simple ingredient that you have at home? Read this article and you will FIND OUT the secret ingredient!

All you have to do is use one of the common spices you have in the kitchen. Just one teaspoon is enough and you will forget about expensive detergents that guarantee that your favorite clothes will never fade.

To be honest, laundry is not so bad once you master all the functions of the washing machines, as well as what you can and cannot wash together.

However, it is possible that with all the effort, you notice how your favorite shirt loses its color much sooner than you would like.

Fortunately, thanks to this simple trick, this will not happen – but you do not need expensive detergents to protect color.

All you need to save your favorite color of clothing is the inexpensive spice that you probably have – PEPPER!

How is it used?

Add one teaspoon of pepper to the colored underwear next time you washed it (along with the detergent you are using). It is only important that you wash it in a very low / lowest (cold) temperatures offered washing machine.

A rough texture pepper virtually removes the soap that has left on your clothing. That is the main reason why clothes lose color. Best of all, pepper will also disappear during the rinse cycle and your clothes will not lose color ever again!