Comfrey contains a hormone auxin, which easily creates new tissue, and therefore wounds heal quickly, and allantoin as the main active ingredient of the roots, promotes granulation and tissue regeneration.

From ancient times until today, many people testified about the curative properties of plants comfrey.

The healing power of comfrey is unlimited and that helps with any ills, even the hardest ones. The Latin name of the gavage is the Symphytum officinale, and in the people it is known as a black laver, a kiln, a pony tail, a large lizard, a root for a broken leg, a bug, a sham, a clown, a sailor of a console, a lizard tongue. This plant has a very long and varied history of use. Due to its healing properties, the people are believed to come from the Garden of Eden.

Experts in the field of alternative medicine say that this root helps almost about everything. Fractures (including ulcerated) bones, the growth on the bone, the arms and legs, varicose veins, varicose veins that are open, neck pain, pain due to amputation, and even in a scattered bone, pain in the arms and legs after fractures, and removal of gypsum, pain in the lower spine, and damage to the vertebrae, with pain in the shoulders, elbows and knees, the problem due to osteoporosis, a variety of dimpled and other growths, tingling in the legs from the sole of the coupler, hemorrhoids, rheumatoid thickening of muscle, gout, arthritis and circulatory disorders. All types of injury, puncture, bruise, wound, and blood clotting, treated tincture made of comfrey root.

Comfrey contains hormone auxin, which easily creates new tissue, so wounds heal quickly and allantoin as active ingredient the root, and the granulation enhances tissue regeneration. Comfrey is indispensable in tendonitis, arthritis (joint inflammation), distortion (dislocation, sprain), contusion (charge, contusion), hematoma (bruises), thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation), and other.

Tincture of comfrey occupies a place of honor in cosmetics of face and hands. The characteristic of this tincture is that renews and regenerates loose and wrinkled skin, especially wrinkles around the eyes. After prolonged use tincture of the skin of the face and hands are completely regenerated. For external use there isn’t a better anti-gout drug from comfrey tincture, which in severe gout it is lightly rubbed. It is shown excellent and in the treatment of inflammation of the nerves – wherever you are on the body sick of pressure sensitive, it is reflected in the peripheral nerve.

The recipe for the tincture of comfrey

Place 100 g of comfrey root in 700 ml of strong brandy or alcohol in a plastic bottle and lay horizontally to settle in the dark place for 14 days. Shake it well every third day. After 14 days, strain and keep in a dark glass bottle in a cool place.

This tincture smear the affected area three times a day. Homeopaths claim that there is no person to whom this tincture did not help!

Note: Pure alcohol instead of brandy gives tincture with no scent, while a luscious brandy smells very unpleasant. Keep in mind that this tincture is very sticky.

Tincture is exclusively for external use!