Often we do not want to see what is in front our nose. It is easier to live in a lie than face the horrible truth, is not it? Nonetheless, sooner or later we have to face the reality and open our eyes. Maybe your precious and loving girl isn’t that precious as it seems. It is not so difficult to detect if you’re the only man in her life, because what she does consciously or unconsciously it reveals her infidelity.

If you notice some of these signs, it’s time to seriously ask yourself if your girl/wife is cheating on you?

  1. No more demandsSuddenly you are not o needed as before. For example, if the before could not separate from you and she dragged you with her in shopping, the gym and wherever it was necessary for the performance of various little things, and then she suddenly become very autonomous, ask yourself what is the cause of these changes. Do not be paranoid, maybe there is a simple explanation, but it’s worth considering.
  2. She doesn’t get easily angry at you as before

    Earlier she was angry if you could not go with her or her friends, but now it doesn’t bother her anymore. Indifference in a woman is a dangerous phenomenon. Maybe she really learned to control the rage, but make sure that this indifference is not a sign that she had found a new passion.
  3. She has become mysterious

    She is no longer filling you with details of her everyday life. To find out how she spends days, you need to reach for her mobile phone. She’s not going to tell you by herself.
  4. The attack is her best defenseWhen you ask something, you are suddenly on a fire line. Ask her a seemingly innocent question, and she is immediately disturbed and she blames you. On the other hand, you might ask too many questions.
  5. Suddenly she is very attentiveBefore she wasn’t so attentive, but suddenly she is full of attention for you. She tells you that she loves you more often and makes for you variety of services that she hadn’t done before. Maybe all the things she does I out of guilt she’s feeling for cheating on you?

    Once again, keep in mind that all of these signs can be explained in other ways so do not jump to the conclusion.


Source: http://www.kurir.rs/sex/901177/saznajte-da-li-vas-zena-vara