Most people today “have no time” for a healthy diet and prefer fast food rather than healthy foods, while fruit and vegetable, according to surveys, are very poorly positioned on the food selection scale!

Scientists and nutritionists is not clear why the majority of people prefer such food, when there are already so many excellent, and above all natural foods, which can provide us with all the necessary materials.

Take, for example, bananas. They are the favorite food of monkeys, which is not so strange, since very tasty and nutritious, and moreover, are a treasure trove of great material!

In addition, bananas can drastically alleviate PMS, regulate the operation of the digestive tract, lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure, this is a popular tropical fruits can do miracles do for your skin, hair and nails. Believe it or not, bananas have a lot of health benefits that can improve our health. Your daily diet should contain some fruit, but if you can choose, our advice are bananas. This sweet tropical fruit has an excellent taste, is not very expensive and in small quantities, can provide much more.

  1. Allergy: Bananas consists of only beneficent amino – acids, which are not allergic in majority of cases.
  2. Anemia: As bananas are highly rich in iron content, they are very much beneficial in the anemia treatment.
  3. Boost energy: Sugars like sucrose, fructose and glucose present in bananas will provide an instant energy to the consumers.
  4. Constipation and diarrhea: In general, bananas are given as a remedy in case of diarrhea and constipation. This is because they can normalize the bowel function.
  5. Dysentery: Bananas effectively work for dysentery. Ripe bananas, which are mashed and processed to a cream is very effective in the dysentery treatment on children.
  6. Hangover: Banana milkshake with little bit of honey is very good for hangover. It soothes your tummy and in combination with milk, it rehydrates your organism.
  7. Helps to stop smoking: The nutrients like potassium, vitamins and magnesium that are present in banana, take out nicotine from the body.
  8. Improve mood: An amino acid called tryptophan present in banana helps in the serotonin production.
  9. Improve brain function and keep alertness: Potassium available in the banana helps in developing the brain functions as well as keep alertness.
  10. Kidney disorders: As bananas consists of rich carbohydrate content and low protein amount, they are so useful in kidney disorder.
  11. Over weight: Bananas in combination with skim milk is very helpful in reducing your weight.
  12. Reduce the risk of heart attack: Potassium in banana maintains the body fluids and electrolyte balance in the cells and helps in BP control, thus reduces the risk of heath attack.
  13. Good for blood: Vitamin B6 in bananas is useful in the hemoglobin and antibodies development in the blood.
  14. Healthy bones: Potassium present in bananas helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis by reducing the calcium deficiency.
  15. Healthy nervous system: Potassium in bananas can help in preventing strokes. If you eat bananas regularly it can reduce the risk of stroke by about 40%.
  16. Intestine disorder: Bananas are very helpful for your intestinal disorders as they are easily digested.
  17. Ulcers: Bananas consists of anti-acid effects which can soothe the belly and ease stomach-burns.
  18. Eyesight: regular consumption of bananas or other fruits can prevent the macular degeneration development, which is responsible for the loss of vision in most adults.