The color of vaginal secret can be a really good indicator of the state of your body, especially when it comes to dehydration of the body or infection.

Note what color is your vaginal secret and discover whether there is a need for concern and visit the doctor:

  1. Transparent or light yellow

This vaginal secret is an indicator that the body is healthy. The transparent vaginal secret is even better because it shows that you are drinking enough water and that your body is hydrated. Water regulates all bodies and their temperature and carries nutrients throughout the body.

  1. Darker or very dark yellow

If you notice this color during the first urination in the morning, do not worry, this color is formed overnight. But if you regularly see such a color, you must start to drink more water. Dark yellow vaginal secret says lack of fluids in the body and that he was dehydrated.

  1. White color

White or cloudy vaginal secret means a large concentration of white cells that fight infection, which means that the body is struggling with urinary infection.

If you require more frequent urination, painful urination or have a burning sensation when urinating, be sure to go to the doctor. Water is your ally in this situation. Therefore, drink large amounts of fluids and you will get astonishing results!!!