There is a permanent solution for the biggest female passion – body and facial unwanted hair. Naturally, free of charge, you can permanently remove the unwanted hair. This is an old Russian recipe that has helped many ladies to get rid of these unwanted issues.

When you start to apply this preparation, the hair will become weaker and eventually disappear forever. Just think of how long it takes you to shave and/or wax and you will realize that it cost a fortune.

Some women have a strong hair on his face and this is the ideal solution, because shaving them only strengthens, while waxing requires that hair let it rise, as on this very visible area is not at all advisable.


Several nut shells (not referring to the green rind, but a hard shell) and water.


The nutshell must be completely dry. Burn them. Add water to the ashes as much as it needed to get a creamy texture like paste. Let it stay for 12 hours.

Application: Apply the resulting mixture on the part of the body from which you want to remove the hair. Let it stay for half an hour or even longer, then rinse.

Repeat this treatment three times a day until the appearance of the first results, and then adjust once a day until the hair completely ceases to grow.