Weather is getting hotter nowadays. For those who are intolerant of high temperatures, are searching for solutions in anyways. For those who have air conditioning summer is bearable, but there are ways to cool even if you have an expensive air-conditioning, which consumes a lot of electricity.

  1. Lower the blinds

Although this may seem very simple, not many know that as much as 30 percent of the heat at homes comes through the windows. The simple way of lowering the blinds or pulling a curtain the temperature in the apartment will drop to 5 degrees.


  1. Be “smart” with doors

Closing the door during the hottest part of the day will prevent the air to mix up with the air from warmer rooms. But during the night the door, make sure you open it to dissolve cooler air circulating in the apartment.


  1. Instead of climate adjust fan

Even the air conditioning cannot simulate the fresh sea breeze, but the fan can. Fill a bucket with ice and place it in front of the fan. You will be overwhelmed by the fresh air that will make you instantly cool.


  1. Change the sheets

Besides you refresh the room, sheets of materials such as wipes are not well-made solution during the summer months. Use thin cotton linens.


  1. Ceiling fans set to rotate counterclockwise on the clock

Those who have this kind of help will be surprised when they find out that they must be adjusted depending on the season. It is good that, during the summer, the fan rotates counterclockwise on the clock because it will create an atmosphere of the cold breeze.


  1. Focus on the temperature of your body, not your apartment

If your ancestors lived without air conditioning, so can you. From drinking cold drinks to cold pads put on your neck and wrists.

7.Koristite hood


  1. Make your bed cold

Fill the thermos with water and leave it in the refrigerator. Before bed put the foot on them. The cold pads or thermos will release throughout the night. Not bad, not slightly moistened sheets.


  1. Leave the night air in the house

Summer nights are much cooler than the days, so it is wise to open all the windows and doors to get the fresh air to expel heat. You just have to be careful to close all the windows before the sun comes up.


  1. Use the grill

It seems obvious, but it should be noted that cooking on the stove dramatically raises the temperature in the apartment. Therefore it is better to take out the grill and prepare food outdoors.


  1. Create long-term improvements

If you really do not like to use the air conditioner can make a few changes to your home to the next year during the summer cool down. Windows with insulating cover are a smart choice, but not bad for the window plants.