You barely hit yourself, but your body is prone to bruising, which occur a second. No matter how hard you try not to provoke, they appear spontaneously after.

Day by day, you notice that the bruises are increasing. They last for days and change color – from bluish to yellow and purple.

Since your skin is prone to bruises and that is the way it works. Admit the truth that you cannot change, but we could give you some tips on how to reduce the bruising, that usually lasts within a week, to just one day.

  • As soon as you hit, put on something cold on the painful spot. Make break every 5 minutes to avoid skin cracking. The Ice does not reduce the pain, but it slows the flow of lymph and blood through the blood vessels, thus preventing the formation of hematomas.
  • After you calm down the bruise with a cold pad, it is advisable to use a cream on a calendula or any cream that removes the hematoma. The list of cabbage will serve as an excellent pad, which alleviates pain and reduces the bump. Wrap the bruised spot with a gauze hold it for two hours. Then remove all.
  • In the same way, you can apply a parsley, just cut it or mix it beforehand. You can use potatoes as well. You can sprinkle and rub it, add a little honey, plain water and place it on a bruised spot. Leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2 – 3 times during the day.
  • The black garlic is great for bruising, as it has an anti-irritation effect. As with the cabbage, apply a pointed arch to the point of impact.
  • Also, you can also apply a butter, as well as a castor oil that will help bruise disappear.