Today’s generations do not enter into serious relationships and prefer short and fleeting amorous adventures. Such an attitude towards love is associated with frequently changing sexual partners. However, contrary to common belief, studies have shown that young people today do not have sex as often as you think. Well, what are doing than people who are not married and do not have regular frequent sex? Trying to make a decision. The indecision of today’s youth will destroy their chances of finding love.

With the development of technology and social networks, the possibility of looking for a partner online complicates the love life of the people because it offers too many options. There are many applications in which young people meet and seek potential partners. But despite the popularity of online presentation, rarely any of those acquaintances achieved the virtual world. Studies have shown that one-third of individuals seeking a partner online has never gone on a date with the people they spoke.

There are many reasons why meeting people on the Internet is not reliable. Many users lie on their profiles and pay attention to people who are too attractive and that would not match in reality.

Psychologist Robert Barris found that beautiful women receive 4 times more messages than average and 25 times more messages from unattractive women. Besides, people are too picky and often eliminate potential partners because they can see their political affiliation. Fussiness is a big problem because a lot of single people have no clue what they seek in love.

However, the hesitation of today’s generation is the biggest obstacle. The youth today are offered an unlimited choice of products, media, career opportunities, sexual partners, places of residence, lifestyle, education and ways of eating. However, studies have shown that despite the possibility of such a choice, people often dislike most things. We are overwhelmed with options, so often repent for our decisions, we are haunted by missed opportunities or decide not to choose at all.

Although many believe that the choice will increase happiness, the truth is that too much choice paralyzes us. The same happens in the love lives of young people. Every day they see a lot of people who seem very solid!

Experts call this phenomenon “FOBO” (Fear of Better Options), or fear of the better options. Today’s young people suffer from constant anxiety caused by the thought of missing someone. The more options we have, the more we fear that we will choose the wrong one.

You will realize that this is true if we consider our superficial and self-destructive instincts that occur when confronted with endless options. In one study, participants had to go to more rapid dating. The results showed that the less potential partners met participants the greater were the chances to assess them according to their deeper character traits. But when respondents met with the many partners in one evening, they began to make more superficial conclusions.

In addition, the couples who met online are more likely to break apart from couples who met in person. Therefore, 40% of today’s young people think that they are much harder to find love than previous generations. But young people still want to have serious relationships despite the fact that they can’t achieve it.

Studies have shown that 61% of today’s young people would like to get married one day and 10% of them claim that romance is very important.

Unfortunately, the solution to our indecision is not at all romantic. Psychologist Paul Oyer recommended the last thing that young people want, and that is to reconcile with the choice of partner. Just as all people in life accept things that lack any element that wanted so sooner or later have to accept a life partner who only partially meet their ideas and expectations.

You’ll find what you want just when you stop to check out other options and focus on just one person. The solution is within your grasp, just need to make a final decision.