Whether you like them or hate them, condoms are a very smart choice. Even thinner, produced with the help of new technology, enabling higher sensitivity, and you will hardly notice that you’re wearing it. It can even further to spice your sex life.

They are used for quite long time. It seems that they were first used in ancient Egypt. The first traces of condom use in Europe are dating from cave drawings in France, and some historians claim that they were made by Romans that they made them from the muscles of warriors that were defeated in the battle, writes on the website Durex.
Do not let that discourage you! Today, they represent the essential part of modern life and protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy – can even to bring and extra excitement to lovemaking.

A condom is placed very easy and simple. All you need to do is simply to follow the instructions for use that go with almost all major condom. Nevertheless, in this article, we will help you and give you guidance on how to put a condom.

  1. If the time has come for the first use of a condom, we are sure that you want to pass it without major problems and get the required safety of the sexual intercourse. Therefore, before reading the instructions for putting a condom, think carefully about what you buy condoms. We recommend that you opt for those that are most known and verified.
  2. For your first time, we recommend that you choose the type of condom that is “Easy on” that can be very easily unfolded and pulled on the You will further ease yourself the trouble.
  3. After you decided which type and bought condoms, all there is left only to properly put that use. If you have planned in advance that sexual intercourse for which you will need a condom, we suggest that before it, first try home on your own. You have plenty of time to practice your and to avoid inconvenience when it comes to sex.
  4. You should know that the penis must be fully erect to be able to put the condom with no problem. So a prerequisite for good placing the condoms is a good erection.
  5. When you have achieved the desired erection, it is time to tear a condom wrapper, pull it, squeeze it out of a possible air. Determine whether the thread is on the outside or whether you are right-side turn. If the condom gets stuck right at the top of this means that you’re upside down turned, and it is necessary to turn around and wrap it to the root of the penis. The condom should fit exactly with the penis and there is no air inside.
  6. Ensure that while placing and unwinding of condoms does not scratch it with the nails or damaged it in any way, because then the protection will not be safe.
  7. When you placed the condom and started sexual intercourse, make sure the condom stays in place during intercourse. It is very important that it does not slip or the like because it also loses its safety.
  8. After ejaculation, carefully remove the condom with one hand holding its end and slowly pulling it away. Make sure that the sperm does not come out.
  9. Each condom is only for one-time usage. After using it, throw it away.

Extra Tips

– Keep condoms in a cool place to avoid their damage
– Pay attention to the expiration date and to be sure to check when buying a new pack of condoms

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