Taylor Smith, a 12-year-old girl, growing up and looking forward to the future, so she wrote a letter to herself, put it in an envelope and wrote a message: Do not open until 2023. However, Taylor opened the letter.

No one could even guess what will this future bring or take. It took the life of a girl who died suddenly of pneumonia. The parents after her death in the room found the envelope, which was addressed to her, with the warning: “If you’re not Taylor Smith, and is not yet 13 April 2023, do not open this letter.”

But life is different shared maps and parents to make it easier to cope with grief, the parents opened the letter. Taylor wrote a message in a letter to herself to be brave and continue through the life walking with God. “Have you recently read the Bible, prayed, or been on a pilgrimage? If not, why not? Jesus was tortured and crucified for you, find the time.” -written by Taylor

She wrote that in the past, as a 12-year-old girl, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer and herself in the future asked: “Are you enrolled college? 10 years ago, I wanted to be a lawyer. Congratulations on your graduation. Are we living alone? Be brave and keep strong in life. ” In the envelope was dropped and a piece of paper on which she drew it to look like the iPad, how long and wide, in case she forgot these things for 10 years (2023)


Parents of girls all decided to publish on Facebook for all to see what was their little girl, how was special.

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