We use the opportunity to introduce fruits and vegetables to help keep your teeth white. These fruit and vegetable plants are great for cleaning teeth and gums.

The first step in the prevention of tooth decay is their regular washing. Maintaining oral hygiene is important to health in general, especially for the health and beauty of the tooth.

Bacteria are always present in the mouth, and their colonies rapidly increase if you eat sweet and not cleaned regularly teeth. The fermentation of sweet things and convert the sour environment conducive to bacteria which then strongly attacked and eat away tooth enamel. All this leads to bleeding teeth and the formation of unsightly stains.
For a nice smile and pleasant breath this fruit and vegetables can be a great choice. Dental health is very important, and these are the foods that will help you to save it.

Eat carrots after the meal – Solid and crunchy foods like raw carrots will force you to chew more than you chew to eat softer foods. It is just a good thing, because by chewing you stimulate the production of saliva that neutralizes acid and enzyme in the mouth that can destroy the enamel.

Cauliflower is good in every way, including oral hygiene – Much like carrots, cauliflower also has a function that protects the enamel when eaten raw. In addition, cauliflower, like related vegetables broccoli, cabbage and kale contain glucosinolates. These are compounds of sulfur and nitrogen to reduce the chance of contracting cancer of the mouth and digestive tract.

Spinach – It is pretty annoying when spinach chunks snap through the teeth. But what you did not know was that dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, salad and lettuce are great for tooth health. Such vegetables are rich in magnesium, which is crucial to a healthy dental enamel. Only half a cup of some of these foods contains up to 78 mg of magnesium.

Apples are perhaps the best cleaner – The rough texture of this fruit full of fiber has excellent function of cleaning the plaque and gum. Apple of medium size contains about four grams of fiber, which makes it one of the best sources of fiber, and for example, bananas, oranges and cherries in the same quantity contain twice as many fibers. In addition, the acid found in apples may lighten the color of teeth and absorb surface stains.

Strawberries are tasty and very good for oral hygiene – we know that all kind of berries easily color all around them, but the fact is that ascorbic acid in the fruit may have a mild bleaching ability. Strawberries are also full of polyphenols that prevent the formation and growth of bacteria.

If you don’t have your toothbrush nearby, use one of these foods.

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