Each of us has at least one beauty mark somewhere on the body or face. According to Chinese astrology, the position of beauty marks can talk a lot about our personality, state of mind, fate, and health. Simon Wong, an expert in Chinese astrology for 30 years, says that analysis of beauty marks are often used in Chinese medicine.

– Chinese astrologers believe that the changes in the body occur as emotional and psychological responses to life events and “reading beauty marks” gives an insight into the energy channels. Energy “chi” is active in certain parts of the face and body depending on the time of our lives. Its flow is the situation may encourage beauty marks. While we were teenagers, the number of beauty marks, and after 40 decreases – says Simon Wong.


A Beauty mark on the FOREHEAD

If it is in the middle of the forehead, it means that they do not communicate well with the authorities. If the beauty mark is on the side of the forehead, it indicates that you are a motivated and energetic person who hardly loses concentration.


A Beauty mark on the EYEBROWS

When a beauty mark is under the brow, it indicates wealth. If the beauty marks are concealed in eyebrows, it indicates something more important and more specifically, as a hidden treasure. If are placed above the eyebrows, as Angelina Jolie has, it shows that you have a steady flow of money in your life.


A Beauty mark on the CHEEK

Beauty mark on the lid symbolizes the dysfunction in the family, and that you have a tendency to lose money. If it is under eyes says that you’re too emotional.

The marks on the face tells that you’re lonely and you cannot settle down and start a family. If you have beauty marks like Marilyn Monroe, in the corner of your face, then you are more prone to accidents.


A Beauty mark on the EARS

In Chinese astrology, the ears represent a person’s character, so that young people on the fringes indicates a positive personality and a good reputation. If you have beauty marks inside the ears, it means that you will have a long life, and if you have beauty marks at the top of the ear, it means that you are very intelligent. If you have beauty marks in both ears, you have a big influence on others and to live a comfortable life.


A Beauty mark on the NOSE

If you have a beauty mark on the nose, be careful! Such beauty marks are instability and constant concerns regarding the future. Beauty mark on the nose interrupts the flow of “chi” energy and symbolizes closeness and problems. Also, those who have such beauty marks are very valuable because the work to stabilize the flow of energy. Beauty mark aside the nose, near the nostrils or hidden behind them, indicates that the person has a way with money.

Beauty mark Cindy Crawford says that she is a great hedonist, but also to the generous.


A Beauty mark on the CHIN

If you have a beauty mark on the chin, it means that you are very determined and stubborn. Depending on the way you navigate these features, you can be successful or not. Beauty mark on the chin also indicates that you have a need for change and travel.


A Beauty mark on the LIP

Beauty marks on the left or right corner of the upper lip indicate that you enjoy the food, you are generous and like expensive things. Beauty mark on the lower lip means that your future children will be successful.


A Beauty mark on the NECK

The neck connects the head and the body, that is, the spiritual and the physical part of your being. Young people in this place disturb the flow of energy and may indicate that you have a lot of frustration in life. Beauty mark in the middle of the neck indicates a wild character.


A Beauty mark on the ARM

A beauty mark below the elbows shows that you are compassionate, and between the shoulder and elbow show that you will earn money easily.


A Beauty mark on the CHEST

The beauty marks on chest symbolize power and in this place, they show the high social status of the profession that you do.


A Beauty mark on the STOMACH

A beauty mark on the stomach, according to Chinese astrology, is the origin of the goods, but beauty marks which are closer to the center, you will have more luck in life.


A Beauty mark on the HANDS

Beauty mark on the hands tells you skilled with your hands and you’ll earn them a lot of money.


A Beauty mark on the BACK

Beauty mark on the back indicates that you carry some weight. You’ll have a lot to do to succeed in life and it will take you more time to get it.


A Beauty mark on the LEGS

Beauty mark thigh represents sexuality and indicates that a person is brave and extroverted. If it is on the leaves, it means that you can have problems if too much exercise. The people with beauty marks on the knees are easier to raise money.


A Beauty mark on the BREASTS

Beauty mark Breast indicates that you are a caring mother, and you will have a powerful place in society. According to Chinese astrology, the success of children depends on the mother’s power and reputation. Beauty mark on the nipples indicates that your children will be successful in their careers.


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