Did you know, or somewhere have you already heard that the combination of warm water and honey has multiple beneficial effect on your health?
Honey, just like other bee products, from ancient times used as a food and as a medicine, and nursing.

The honey has a unique structure and is useful for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Honey is easily digestible food that is currently returning lost energy, and long-lasting use ensures physical endurance and psychic stability. It is very useful and it should be always kept in the house.

Due to the fact that among so good, and many of us are aware of its qualities, but not everyone knows how much good can be honey water or warm water in which is dissolved honey. The use of honey water leads to the release of various diseases, a very often used in cosmetics. Throughout history, honey water are used as a delicious “live” beverage at all celebrations.

Honey carries many advantages, even if you drink it in a combination with water. If you drink in the morning on an empty stomach water with honey, it will improve your health. It is only necessary that in a cup of warm (never hot) water put a spoon of honey.

Strengthening immunity

Honey has antibacterial activity, it is full with enzymes and vitamins. In combination with the lukewarm water it will have better effect.

Ease coughing and inflammation

This combination is perfect with these problems, it will help with the irritation of the throat and will not lead to side effects.

Uncontrolled urination

Many people suffer from this problem, and honey binds the water and releases the kidneys and bladder from overworking, so that this combination is ideal for these people.

Cleaning the body from parasite

Water in combination with honey destroys parasites and restores intestinal flora. Increases the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity.

Weight loss

This combination promotes weight loss, and the sugar in honey is natural and not harmful. It also helps not to take other sweets and other sweet drinks. Sodas and other sweet juices are full of “empty” calories, and eliminating their input quickly eliminate fat from the body. This will not happen overnight, but in any case is good for you on long runs. Of course, with a healthy diet and physical activity, it will encourage weight loss.

Better digestion

Every morning, a glass of lukewarm water combined with a tin of honey, in the morning on an empty stomach, helps regulate digestion. Antiseptic properties of honey help to relieve acid in the stomach while simultaneously increasing the production of intestinal mucus. The drink is “responsible” for colon cleansing. All of this regulates digestion and prevents the constipation.


With honey water, wipe your face. It nourishes the skin, leaving it velvety, silky and soft. This is a great natural cosmetics with honey, the oldest and the most modern at the same time..

Reducing allergies

If you suffer from certain allergies, this combination will reduce symptoms and increase resistance to allergies.

How to prepare honey water?

Mix a little teaspoon of honey in a glass of crude lukewarm water. In this way you will get 30% of the honey solution, which is identical in composition to the blood plasma. If you drink for preventive purposes, we suggest that you drink water in the morning on an empty stomach. It needs to drink it very fast. This is very important because Sphincter, the valve of the stomach, opens immediately so that the water reaches the intestine, and then absorbs it into the bloodstream.

Honey water is commonly used in the morning as soon as you wake up in the evening before bedtime. Do not be afraid to drink water before bedtime, it prevents the appearance of the swelling because it relieves the kidneys. Drink the honey water always freshly prepared. Never do it in advance!

Source: http://www.kakolijeciti.com/zapocnite-jutro-sa-medom-i-vodom/