Many times we in our articles put emphasis on the importance of natural remedies, it is not without reason. If you get informed and inquire, you will find out that many people are cured by natural remedies and even in the last stages of cancer and other serious diseases.

Chemotherapy kills the bad, but also and the good cells and weakens our body. The key to healing is in a healthy diet, intake of vitamins and minerals. Cut out fast food and unnatural juices from your diet.
Consume natural juices of blueberries, beetroot, orange etc. .. Reduce your intake of fat, salt and sugar. So you kill cancer cells.
One of the effective remedies against cancer is soursop, except that cures cancer, is successful in the treatment of these diseases:

  • It regulates blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Helps with asthma, diabetes and liver problems
  • It stimulates circulation
  • It kills parasites in the body

Soursop in the treatment of malignant diseases destroys only the cancer cells, protects the immune system, prevents the occurrence of lethal infections, restoring normal work of organs. Modern research has shown that soursop has a strong anticancer effect. If the researchers believe, soursop effectively kills cancer cells, and even ten thousand times stronger compared to modern medications used in chemotherapy.

In addition, in contrast to cytostatic which destroy healthy cells, this plant destructive acts exclusively on cancer cells. Laboratory tests have shown that the extract from the tree soursop kills malignant cells of 12 types of cancer, including cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas. In the treatment of malignant disease works on many levels – destroys the malignant cells without harmful side effects such as nausea, weight loss and hair. At the same time, protects the immune system, helps to avoid the deadly infection, establish normal functioning organs, restores vital energy and positive outlook on life.

It has a positive effect on the work of internal organs, successfully fought with fungi, bacteria and parasites, relieves depressive states and works calming the nervous system, regulates blood pressure. South American Indians, among other things, used for the treatment of heart failure, asthma, arthritis …

Here’s how to prepare tea from soursop:

Put a liter of water to cook and prepare 15 leaves of soursop, wash them and place in boiling water. Then lower the temperature slightly and cook for half an hour. After half an hour, pour out and wait for it to cool down. Consume 3 times a day for a cup of tea, of course, with all that you eat healthy.

Note: Half an hour before and half an hour after you consume this medicine, you should not eat anything. Soursop may not be used by pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, people who suffering from Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy.