The sun has a positive effect on health, increases the level of serotonin and vitamin D over a good effect on the bones and skin. However, we should be careful and avoid skin aging because those changes can be fatal.

What you should pay attention to is:

Avoid solarium

That’s the wrong UV solarium has only UVA radiation, which is responsible for skin aging and a large percentage increases the risk of malignancy, said Dr. Nick Lowe.

Use the right sunscreen

These preparations should have labels SPF SPF 30 or 50, UVA / UVB. Which does not mean that you can stay in the sun all day.

Do not be long exposed to sunlight

It is pointless to be outside exposed to the sun all day, because skin has its limit production of the melanin (pigment).

If you have fair skin, it is enough to be 2 to 3 hours a day in the sun. Any prolonged exposure leads to risks.

Look for shade

Pause between the sun going into the shade. So you can avoid sunburns and your tan will be healthier and longer.

Consume vitamins

For these purposes, the most widely use beta-carotene, which does not mean that we should use less cream. It only helps to better and easier to turn brown.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Certain foods are known to increase as lycopene (natural SPF skin).

It is recommended that consumption of tomatoes, red and orange fruits that can increase sun protection and 30%.

Fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory effects.

Black chocolate can help protect against sunburn, while caffeine can reduce the risk of malignancy.

The best thing to drink a short espresso directly before going to the beach.

Self-tanning creams

What is important to know is that these creams, sprays or gels do not protect against solar radiation. But it may be helpful first day at the beach when your skin is still bright.