Lack of sleep can double the risk of death due to a heart failure or stroke. People with multiple cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Researchers randomly selected 1,344 adults which the average age was 49 years, including 42 percent of men agreed to sleep through the night in the lab. The results of the tests and searches show that more than 39 percent of participants that had at least three risk factors that together make up the metabolic syndrome, the authors add, whose study appears in the journal of the American Heart Association.

During follow-up, which lasted an average of more than 16 years, 22 percent of them died.

People suffering from the metabolic syndrome and that are sleeping in the laboratory less than 6 hours, they were during the 16 years more than two times greater risk of death due to heart failure or stroke compared to those that did not have any of these factors in cardiovascular risk.

The same people have also had almost twice the risk of death from other causes compared to those who did not suffer from metabolic syndrome.

Medical authorities recommend that adults must have six to eight hours of sleep a night.

According to the authors, this is the first such study to measure the duration of sleep in the laboratory. So far, the research was based on the replies to the questionnaire participants.

But since it is a research, this study does not allow to establish a causal link between the person suffering from the metabolic syndrome and fold increase in the risk of death, according to the researchers.