The past has always fascinated us and many are trying to uncover its secrets. Because cities are full with mysteries of former civilization which hide the past! The mysterious and famous Atlantis has not yet been discovered, but many other cities that have disappeared under the water as well.

  1. Port Royal – Jamaica

The city of Port Royal in Jamaica was once the greatest ports adored by pirates. Rife with prostitution, alcohol. In the past, known as “the most vicious and unholy city in the world”. The city disappeared under water in 1692 after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the city of Jamaica and plunged it to the bottom of the ocean. Over two thousand inhabitants of the city have disappeared along with the city.



  1. Pyramid of Yonaguni-Jima, Japan

At the bottom of the sea near the Japanese coasts and pyramids that scientists still do not know one hundred percent whether is naturally occurring or man-made. Huge pyramids, the researchers calculated, were created naturally or without hands, in the previous ice age, about 10 thousand years before Christ. They were discovered in 1996.



  1. Dwaraka, Gulf of Cambay, India

The ancient city of Dwaraka, in the Gulf of Cambay in India. For this city under water, which was found in 2000, is considered to be the ancient city of King Krishna, created 7,500 years before Christ. According to the Vedic scriptures such as the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavatam, and that this city consisted of 70 thousand palaces made of gold, silver. It was a powerful city, but after Krishna left this world, it sank.

Sonar technology in 2000 researchers found something that looked like stone pillars and walls collapsed at least two cities. The site has been described as an ancient civilization in the river valley, the valley of the somewhat similar Saraswati of Sciences Rig, which is thought to be mythical. The divers, who dived to sites in the Gulf of Cambay, later with a depth of thirty-six feet removed two thousand artifacts, including pottery, jewelry, sculpture, human bones and evidence on the record.

  1. The city of Lviv, Quiandao Lake, China

Shi Cheng, also known as the Lion City, was once the political and economic center of East China’s Zhejiang Province, but 53 years ago was completely vacant, and then gradually submerged.

He ended up under huge accumulation lake built for the nearby hydroelectric plant.

The history of this city as it is told by Plato, describing how under the sea in just one day before the Herculean pillars, or strait now known as Gibraltar, lost island of Atlantis.

While for Plato’s Atlantis today that many seek, but its existence is not established with certainty, Chinese Atlantis is quite real, and the old part of the former City of lions hiding a series of ancient and extremely well-preserved architectural gems.

Local authorities after half a century Shi Cheng decided to try to draw from oblivion and turn it into a tourist paradise. Inspired by various underwater footage of divers, which look really amazing, they came up with the idea that tourists who like diving offer an unforgettable atmosphere through an underwater tour of the underwater city.

  1. Cleopatra Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

Researchers believe that the coast of Alexandria found the palace of the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and even revealed the location of her final resting place. The researchers said the palace before 1,500 years ago flooded as a result of the devastating earthquake.