A mother from Brisbane feed her daughter on a veggie and meat-heavy diet and she claims that because of that her daughter has a stronger immune system. Eggs fried in coconut oil with fried yams, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and steamed little avocado, all together with sauerkraut. This is a common breakfast for little Grace.

Her mother Shan Cooper from Brisbane decided that her child from birth be on “paleo diet” based on a diet of “cavemen”. Chocolates, sweets, processed foods or even natural foods that are not organic origin Grace never tasted.

This diet is, as she suspected, proved to be excellent. All the kids around Grace were constantly with running noses and sick, and Grace has never even coughed, according to her mother. Even Shan herself is on the paleo diet to which it decided to try it because she was always feeling tired and sluggish. She had an allergy to many foods, and when she heard about the paleo diet, she decided to try and – she was reborn.
According to her, while Grace is small and she has a full control of her diet, she will be giving her only foods allowed in the paleo diet. She will not forbid her to go on birthdays and to be with children only to avoid junk food.

– I will not pass out if she eats a slice of bread or a piece of cake, but I hope to make a build in her awareness about what is real food – says Shan, adding that she believes that the children are “programmed” to healthy food. Only when we grow up we pass to the overeating caused by emotions, when we are being flooded sweets and other unhealthy things.

– I know that she will go to birthday parties and gatherings and there will be with a bunch of processed food to deal with it. I can only hope that she by herself will recognize that such food makes her feels bad and sluggish, and on her own, she will get away from it – says the mother.

However, a well-known dietitian Rosemary Stanton warns other mothers to be careful on following Shan’s example. She says that this strict regime of diet it is not usually a good idea because this diet doesn’t include grains and legumes, and depriving your child of them will make it difficult to have balanced diet. Dr. Stanton advises parent before drastically changing the diet of their children to go see an accredited dietitian.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3353702/Shan-Cooper-s-baby-girl-Grace-paleo-diet.html