• Warts are growths on the surface layer of the skin, uneven and sometimes painful. Different types of viruses cause this health issue. They can be transmitted by direct or indirect contact, infection are more prone to people with weak immune systems.

There are several types of warts which can be removed by doing different natural therapies.

Types of warts:

In most cases warts that can appear anywhere on the body, most often on toes, knees, and feet with a circular shape, hard and rough surfaces.

Filiform warts look like oblong, rough logs that grow from one base, and appear on the eyelids, lips, and neck. Flattened warts sometimes affect the entire surface of the face, while those on the soles of the feet spread quickly, creating a disc, painful creations that interfere with normal gait. It is hard to heal because they penetrate deeply into the skin, but also due to the fact that patients are not distinguishing them from corns.


Warts are usually removed by cryotherapy, which involves primal liquid nitrogen. The growths are freezing in a cold liquid and then separated from the healthy skin. However, this therapy is avoided when it comes to genital warts on the feet because the treatment of liquid nitrogen could damage the surrounding skin. Electrofusion radio wave is actually the process of target heating warts. Removing these unsightly growths and a preparation of a salicylic acid which causes the gradual peeling of a tissue, as well as ointments based on natural medicinal herbs.


Remove warts with the following ingredients and recipes:

Sempervivum tectorium

  • Mix the tablespoon squeezed sempervivum tectorum with 1 ml of water and 200 g of pork fat. Heat until the fat has melted, pour into a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. Lubricate the wart several times a day.


  • Chop the onion put it in a bowl with salt, and let it overstay a night. Afterward, lubricate the wart twice a day.


  • Tear off the figs’ leaf and sip it in a poured milk on the wart. Let it dry and after that, rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat this process until the wart falls off.


  • Wash spurge in water with 100 g beef meat, then add 7 chopped spurge flowers. Let it cook for 3 hours at low heat, and then remove it from the stove, drain and let it cool. Lubricate wart every morning and evening.

The beer foam

  • Soak a gauze bandage and suds the wart. Repeat the procedure every day until the wart disappears.


  • Use the juice from the leaves of dandelion flowers daily and lubricate the wart, which will gradually get darker and eventually fall off leaving no scar.

Castor oil

  • Lubricate the wart in the morning and evening with castor oil, until it disappears.


  • Lubricate the wart with propolis, then stick a plaster that will isolate it. Keep it 2-3 days without removing the plaster. Repeat the procedure until you completely destroy the root of warts.


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