Long hair is one of the main symbols of femininity. However, hardly any woman is satisfied with the speed of growing.

In addition, we always think that our hair is never long enough, and therefore we begin to buy and use various products to accelerate its growth and care. However, we can help a lot of easier in a more natural ways:


  1. Massage your head

You know that healthy hair starts from the scalp, or in other words – if the scalp is healthy, so is your hair. Take a few minutes to massage the scalp daily to stimulate hair growth and improve its density.

  1. Haircut

The myth is that you have to go to the hairdresser every six to eight weeks. The essence is the good care and preparations. If you have a good quality shampoo and a conditioner which you use regularly, is enough to visit the hairdresser every six months.

  1. Sleeping on silk

Sleeping on the smooth surfaces of reduced friction prevents cracking hairs. Replace the cotton pillowcases silk and you will see an instant change.

  1. Rule about blow-drying and styling hair

You should never do on the same day to dry your hair and then stylize it with appliances to heat. It would be best to dry your hair naturally. To avoid damage and dryness, avoid doing these two things on the same day.

  1. Relax your hair

The more you wash and stylize your hair, that it will be more damaged, so you should all reduce to a minimum. However, here the quality of the product plays the main role. If you have an appliance that does not damage the hair, but you also need to use products to protect hair from the heat.

  1. Avoid hairbands

Instead of tightening the hair into a high ponytail, try to style it in a low and relaxed way, because stretched hair leads to breakage and hair pulling.

  1. Combing

Invest in a quality brush of natural fibers and hairs that will not break the hair when combing. You should also know that combing from root stimulates circulation, resulting in good nutrients to the hair follicles.

  1. Hair coloring

Try not to brighten so much hair because, bleaching and bright colors lead to breakages, damage and literally destroying your hair.

  1. Rinse your hair with vinegar

Cold water and vinegar after shampooing will close the hair follicle and make it shine. Do not worry about the smell – because they quickly evaporate!

  1. Avoid extensions

When hair growth is your goal, use extensions for special occasions and carry them in shorter periods. Clip-on extensions are just fine if removed properly (without hair pulling) and immediately after arriving home. Additional weight extension can pull out the hair from the root, and the same applies to permanent extensions.


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