Outdoor stay is good for physical and mental health, and newer research shows the added benefits of time spent on the beach. Staying in nature is almost the best escape from stress, anxiety, and tension. The sea has healing powers. The combination of water, fresh air, movement, relaxation and pleasant environment is truly healing.
The incredible feeling of peace and tranquility that you experience on the beach is now called the “blue space”. Scientists have found that a combination of scent notes and noise of waves are a source of comfort to the brain. The blue space throws us into an almost hypnotic state. If you are relaxed while staying at the beach, it’s not just in your head. Scientists say that in those moments the brain really reacts to the environment, with a sense of happiness and peace.

Scientists have proved that wave sounds calm and revitalize the mind and body. It’s great that you can listen to the sound of the waves whether you are swimming or not. During the windy days, do not close your home, but sit by the shore and indulge in relaxation.

Sea air is full of particles that enhance oxygen absorption and neutralize the damage caused by the presence of free radicals.

Scientists have proved that the sea air returns serotonin levels in balance, and it is responsible for good mood. For this reason, you feel an increase in concentration, while reducing stress.

The blue space affects us in four different ways:

Going to the beach reduces stress

Water is a remedy for stress relief. You’ve probably noticed that swimming in the sea contributes to relaxation. Water encourages a positive mood and this natural phenomenon should, from time to time, be utilized.

The beach encourages creativity

Staying on the beach helps you get out of your mind and approach problems or projects in a creative way. Like meditation, the beach provokes a sense of calmness that allows you to focus on what is important.

Going to the beach can relieve the feeling of depression

Staying on the beach can alleviate stress and depression. The hypnotic sound of the waves, combined with the scent and the scents that surround us, bring us into a meditative state. You can also refine your mind and think about life in a safe space, away from the chaos of everyday life.

A visit to the beach changes the view of life

Nature in general, as well as the beach, affect fortune and positive thoughts.

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