Nail biting is a habit that is hard to overcome. It is also a reflection of the expressed nervousness or inability to cope with stressful situations. We tend to start to bite your nails whenever we face some stressful event or moment.

If you get tired of the cuticle and bleeding, try these simple means to have normal and beautiful nails, and to prevent:



And before all, your nails shine and you will not worry about them, but also keep in mind avoiding common problems that come with longer nails.

Face your problems. Take your camera and take some pictures of your bitten nails. Examine carefully your nails, and enumerate their problems.

Imagine yourself with healthy nails, and to be able to look great.

Choose at least one claw that will “protect”.

After several days, the nail that you are not biting will have progress.

Once nail that keeps increases, begin to take care of the next one. And the next. And the next, until all nails are growing and not you won’t have the necessity to worry about.


Calcium and magnesium – Eat foods rich in these elements to provide you the recovery of bitten nails and quickly growth. This is not the only reason, but the lack of calcium and magnesium in the body is one of the reasons why people want to bite their nails because the body is asking for this matter.


Pull back the cuticles. Many people who bite their nails have no “crescents” on based nail because they do not push their cuticles. To withdraw them, gently push the cuticles to the toe to reveal as much of the nail. This is the best way easier to do after a bath when your hands and nails are wet. Pushing back the cuticle that makes nails look longer, and gives them more beautiful shape, you may also be additional motivation to stop biting.

Find a habit that will replace the nail biting. Whenever you have a need to chew on, do something else instead. Some people like to tap your fingers or simply watch their hands. Just make sure that you don’t select a bad habit; choose one that will help you or one that you neither helps nor hinders. “Bitrex” is a chemical that is placed in the product to have a bad taste and can be found in the local drugstore. Contained in that Mazet inhibitors biting your nails. Make sure you always have these products with you. Apply it several times a day. However, if you get used to the taste, choose another product.

Distract your attention from biting your nails so that you will employ your mouth. Snack on carrots that you would not think of nail biting or chewing gum to keep on hand for moments of weakness.

Distract attention from snacking by going to hire their own hands. Find a hobby for them.

Hobby to distract your hands from putting in your mouth can be a modeling or clean the house, knitting or crocheting, running and other outdoor activities, or even arranging and decorating nails! Make sure you do some of these hobbies at the time when we usually bite your nails (while driving a car, sitting in the classroom, watching TV, etc.).

For those who are biting nails obsessive-compulsive disorder, it may be helpful to also adhere obsessively to a new hobby.

Cover your nails. For women, it is best to put artificial nails. They can really help you. If you are a man, you file them and apply a little colorless nail growth nail or a little Vaseline. You will tend to bite your nails if you look great!

Keep gloves in the back pocket and put them when you get the desire to chew on.

If your nails are grown, cut them immediately. Always carry a snack. Cannot bite your nails if they are cut!

Talking about nails will help your focus on your goals. Looking for a partner to help you. Continue to talk to him about your goals.

Be proud of your nails to keep getting better. Soon will shine with beauty.

Go to the manicure and chat with your manicurist about your beautiful nails.

If you are a man and you go to a manicure, and if anyone objects that are not manly enough for that, just tell me to take any radical steps, and whatever is necessary for this. It should be manly enough answer for anyone.




Do not think that there is a quick solution for this problem. To stop to bite your nails, you should have patience and be aware of what you’re experiencing.

Try to put over the nail strips, which prevent you nibble. Remove them when you go to bed. When you stop unconsciously bite strips, do not put more.

Take one tablet daily with magnesium. It strengthens nails and makes them more resistant.

Challenge yourself: how many hours you can stand not to bite your nails? When you break the previous record, reward yourself. And then try to set a new record: if you can hang in there all day? Three days? Week? Two weeks?

Net manicured nails will be a big help when it comes to your confidence. You will see!



Do not be foolish to replace this habit any worse. Bitten nails are painful and unhealthy habits or other habits can be even worse.

Chewing fingernails causes infection.

Fragile nails can be the result of using strong detergents and chemicals, sun exposure, poor diet, or prolonged use of the preparation for strengthening nails. Avoid compositions which are free of formaldehyde, which drains the nails.

Remember that is not only beautiful what beautiful outside is. Vice versa. If you wonder if you’re ugly, you will only diminish your confidence and prevent yourself from showing the best you can. Instead, tell yourself that you are very special and you deserve to have nails that look healthy.