The seed of this plant, which has been praised and appreciated in ancient times, it can be found today in almost every healthy food store.

Fenugreek helps in the reconstruction of the entire organism. In addition to the miraculous fact, that has on breast enlargement, is used to enhance sexual power in men, as well as an excellent tool for weight loss.
It’s great for digestion, fat in the blood and improves circulation, which means that it speeds up the metabolism. Therefore, it is very good for those who want to remove the pounds. It can be used in several different forms – as a tea, powder, and laxative.

Place two seeds in two drops of cold water. Boil it, allow it to stand for 20 minutes with occasional stirring and scrub. Drink slowly and in small sips.

The seeds can be cooked in porridge or grind into a powder (ground into powder is more effective). Take half a teaspoon twice a day to improve digestion.
Tablespoon of freshly crushed seeds of fenugreek drinking it with water three times a day before meals for strengthening the whole organism.

To use it as a laxative, it is enough to take a half to one small spoon of freshly soured seeds, shake in 2.5 dl of water and drink once or three times a day.

This one-year-old plant belongs to the breed of clover and reaches a height of 30 to 40 cm. It blooms in June and July, the fruit is given in August, and it can be found in dry scrubs. It has a very strong smell, so its seed is taken with jam, fruit juice or honey.

Sometimes the healing properties of fenugreek were known to people from ancient Egypt to old Greece, so even the prophet Muhammad told them – To know the value of this plant, you would pay its weight in gold.