Healthy nutrition is essential because it helps you kill cancer cells (vitamins and minerals). Harmful additives only feed cancer. People who are being treated for cancer should not eat sweets. Change your diet and you will see improvement.


A recent study was conducted by a group of scientists from the University of California at San Francisco. It has been discovered that there is one ingredient found in various types of food, which contributes to more than 35 million deaths worldwide every year. As they concluded, sugar is the cause of many health problems such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, heart disease, cancer.

A study conducted at the Cancer Institute in Utah in the United States revealed that sugar is one of the main causes for the development of tumors. Tumor cells use more glucose than normal cells. Various studies have shown that people who have higher levels of glucose can develop more cancer, according to their study. The fact is that our cells require glucose – a form of sugar that is transformed into energy. Cancer cells can survive on simple carbohydrates, including refined sugars found in processed foods and sweets. The process during which the glucose is converted to pyruvate and can provide more energy to healthy cells is glycolysis.

Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells can convert their energy from oxygen-free glycolysis. This process is called anaerobic glycoside and produces waste matter similar to lactic acid. This type of lactic acid can be metabolized in the liver, and the waste product of this process is the returning glucose to feed cancer cells and forms around cycle in which continuous blood glucose uptake is promoted which promotes tumor growth and development.

When we eat sugar our body becomes a favorable environment for the development of cancer cells, and bad cells are fed with sugar.
In addition, we are eating more and more genetically modified foods (fruits, vegetables, usually soy). Therefore, so watch where you are buying fruits and vegetables, take only naturally grown. Avoid soy because it is the most genetically modified.
Also, take fruits and vegetables that normally grow in this season because it’s not normal to be represented throughout all the year. If so, then something is wrong.
It is important to have good nutrition. Food insecurity only harming themselves, but it’s not enough to drink medicines if you are not a healthy diet.
Avoid fast food, unnatural artificial juices, and drink natural juices. Many people have been cured with natural juices, such as the juice of beetroot, blueberries, drinking plenty of lemon juice, orange and so on. This is because they act as antioxidants.
Experts point out that processed sugars are linked to cancer for two reasons:

1) Potential causes of cancer
2) They are the best “food” for cancer cells when they once appear in the body

In order to protect your health, consider a number of sugars you consume and try to reduce the intake of processed sugars. One thing is for sure – they do not have a beneficial effect on health!
Research has shown that processed sugars can cause cancer, and accelerate the very process of its creation and dissemination. This does not include the natural sugars such as sugars from fruits, honey, but the ones processed that are added to sweets, fizzy drinks and various foods that we often use. Cancer cells feed on these sugars and only become stronger and more resistant.